Sun in Cancer — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces a very accommodating and gracious personality. Though you have a core of determination and purpose, you come across as a very charming, sensitive and adaptable individual. You aren’t one to take yourself too seriously, and you are always honest and considerate. Thus, it is to be expected that you have little difficulty being very popular and well-liked by most people. You seem able to handle people in a frank and straightforward manner, but always in a tactful and acceptable way.

There is a modesty and unassuming way about you, and you’re likewise impressed with other that display this trait; perhaps a little put off by those who don’t. So you may share your inner feeling with few. Not necessarily being over secretive and isolated, but merely selective and careful in your relationships. Sincerity and loyalty are two traits that you seem to possess and likewise, you require these traits of those closest to you. You know what you want and you can be very objective by nature.

In many ways you are introspective and seem to know yourself very well. You are impressionable, but have a good sense of balance and perspective; a well organized and controlled person. There is a strong material side to your nature and money may seem attracted to you naturally. You know how to accumulate wealth and make wise investments. Some born under this combination even become miserly, though the appreciation and enjoyment of the finer things in life usually will forestall this tendency.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You are excellent at figuring out and understanding others and you have a good degree of self-knowledge. You have tested most of the defense and escape mechanisms that Cancers tend to use, but in the end, you depend on your own tenaciousness and wisdom as a protective cover against the difficulties in life. You utilize these to permit you to feel more secure. Even though you are thoughtful of others, you do not often follow their advice and listen to their suggestions.

The Taurus Moon gives you durability and determination that underlies your charm, innocence and a soft nature. You have an astuteness, strength and assurance residing under that delicate and unsure outer layer. You almost always go around with your guard up because you probably had some difficult time earlier in life and you do not want to be taken advantage of like you were before. Adaptability is one of your strengths, but you do not lose sight of your own being. Intuition guides you in a stubborn and unrelenting fashion and consequently it is hard for you to give up first impressions or forget previous transgressions.

You hold grudges. Your ruination might be the result of this part of your personality if you do not learn to put the past behind you. There is an original approach to what you do and you have a wonderful imagination. This can serve you for good or for ill. This is true because the same imagination can, unfortunately, cause irrational fears, doubts and even paranoia. Be constructive with the use of your imagination and you can succeed at nearly anything creative. A deep depression if you spend too much time in your fantasy life is possible, so you should try to stay based in reality.

Criticism is hard for you to grasp because you always think you are right. Admitting you are wrong is almost impossible. Shifting the blame for something to another is easy for you and you do it frequently. If someone disputes what you say, you can get irritable and irrational with him or her. The same holds true if you are emotionally threatened because you need to feel secure. Learning that some advice is sound and that not everyone is a threat to your security would be helpful, as would not being so vindictive. Excellent potential for creativity is possible for you because of your imagination and originality.

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