Sun in Cancer — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Cancer Sun and Virgo Moon signs suggests a strengthening of the common traits between these two, such as conventionality, caution, and unpretentiousness. The blend focuses the emotional sensitivity of Cancer with the discrimination and practicality of Virgo. You appeal to people because you seem to have such solid control on matters; expressing the ability to reason out with particular emotional concern and caring.

You try hard to appear sure of yourself, and manage your affairs with a cool, calm and practical head. You don’t make decisions until you have had a chance to reflect on the situation and make certain you make the right choice. Early on you may have been especially shy and prudent in your behavior; seemingly unsure of yourself. Confidence increases as you mature because of an innate desire to absorb knowledge and master details of all sorts.

You rationalize and analyze things very well. This talent notwithstanding, your snap judgments and hunches often miss the mark, especially when you are judging people. Yet when you give yourself time, you are especially skilled at sensing the needs of other people. You have a natural inclination to serving the needs of the public in some way. You handle authority well, because you respect principles, codes, laws and traditions.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

At a young age you were wise because you matured faster than your peer group. You have, luckily, adaptability and that helps with your high degree of sensitivity. You can overcome whatever barriers you encounter because of your perception, levelheadedness and experience. The mental perception of the Virgo Moon heightens the emotional sensitivity of the Cancer person. The antagonism and malevolence of the world is something you have had to deal with since you were very young and this has a big impact on you.

Super-sensitivity may be present in you because of the adversity, suffering and indifference that has, at times, haunted you. Consequently you may be too shy, introspective and even emotionally catatonic. A Virgo Moon that provides forbearance, inner strength and ability for self-sacrifice also assists you. You are bighearted and kind as well as generous to everyone. That is your essence and you are known and admired for it. You maintain your sympathy and compassion for others no matter how difficult your life is or what you might be going through. You often find your calling is working for others because you want so much to feel needed.

You are extremely frugal in terms of personal expenses but very generous, almost to a fault, with others. Be more generous to yourself and then you can enjoy life more and open up to the world around you. You love to give affection to others, but oddly you do not particularly like to get it in return. You want to feel needed in a relationship, but luckily your standards are very high. That helps keeps away people who would drag you down. It is possible you will have a symbolic relationship of sorts. You might seek a religious or social ideal or enterprise.

The merely physical is not adequate for you. Being a workaholic is the approach to life that many Cancer-Virgos take. Even considering all this, you never lose yourself while helping others. Your self-awareness is quite strong. You are a potential educator, counselor, physician or clergy-person who uses your compassion, intellect and strength to be of assistance. A number of Cancer-Virgo people are also excellent in the field of business. Your organizational skills are excellent and you are intuitive and clever. A mainstream and organized work environment is best for you since you are careful by nature.

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