Sun in Cancer — Rising in Aquarius

The character of the person with the Sun in Cancer and the Ascendant in Aquarius shows itself to the surrounding changeable, capricious and unexpected. In fact, they only receive too many impressions, which are poured out on them. They feel that they are approaching, they have a good nose for things, and they want to orient themselves on it. They often find themselves leaping ahead of their time, and they have to endure derision about this.

When anticipated destruction comes, they are forgotten, that is — they are again much ahead. This constant stay ahead, and at the same time somewhat aside, seems to be another contradictory and even alien. They also act mysteriously, they are not very suitable. They do not want to disclose anything and seem somewhat withdrawn. However, suddenly they are struck by analysis or knowledge of the relationships.

Cancers with an ascendant in Aquarius have, so to speak, psychological thinking. Their gift of penetration is so great that they often know that the other will respond, and do not let him tell. It is enough to start a new phrase, - they finish it. This brings difficulties in the discussion. To listen to them bothers; They are distracted and listen only to half, although intuitively they always find connections.

They are very emotional; Others are not easy to understand, and this produces an ambiguous impression. However, if necessary, others turn to their emotional intuition.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You blossom in an atmosphere of turmoil and bustle and will always work for the good of the cause or to make this world a better place to live. You love new ideas, and from you for certain you can expect unexpected actions. You spend a lot of time on your business, but you are always ready to listen to your friends. You can serve people completely unselfishly. No matter how high you take off in life, you will never forget how small you started. You are not a snob. You have a strong character, you are not rancorous and usually polite and courteous. You are firm and unbending, you will not be frightened by any obstacles. You are a cheerful, cheerful and cordial person. Part of your life will be under the significant influence of relatives, and one of them, possibly a brother, can damage your career.

You love travel and use the slightest excuse to go somewhere for a short while. Your father can work in agriculture, engage in trade or livestock. You may not have a very good relationship with him. You are not particularly dependent on your environment, and, striving for well-being, rely on your inner strength. You are such a balanced and fair person that your opinion is always listened to and appreciated by you.

Dark Side of the Sign

Your self is as fragile as the egg shell. You always hesitate and are so sure that you will not get what you want, do not even bother asking for it. Your mind is superficial, and ideas are vague. The surrounding people suffer because of your emotional instability and constant discontent. You are not at all inclined to self-sacrifice, but on the contrary: you are a cunning usurper who serves only his own interests. You are not so bored as the very boring person who lives in the shadow of events, afraid to take advantage of the opportunity to show oneself. You step back and wait, and then you regret that you missed your last chance. You lack tact, you seek to impose your point of view on everyone, and only in this do you show courage. In all other respects, you are a complete coward, and it is not surprising that you are a loser.

Love and Family

You are not in a hurry to make love or friendship, but if such ties are established, you are faithful and reliable. You do not strive for easy sexual relations, you are more attracted by relationships based on mutual spiritual and intellectual attraction. In love, you are an idealist, and although your partner can be jealous of you to your numerous friends of the opposite sex, his fears have no basis.

You are constant and fervently love your spouse until old age. Your chosen one is likely to be a man of art warehouse, from a good family. You will have children early, there will not be many of them (maybe you will have twins), but the firstborn will need careful care and care. You will make an excellent parent, you treat children fairly and help develop the best traits of their character. You love your loved ones unconditionally, but the family can not prevent you from realizing your interests outside the home.

Career and Money

You can be an inventor, a scientist or a researcher, your observation and the ability to theorize often go to the level of true genius. You study in depth human behavior and have some literary and artistic abilities. Studies in the field of occultism or secret methods of experimentation can also become your vocation. In addition, you can get a good speaker and writer.

Commitment and personal qualities will ensure your success, although your financial affairs can be unstable — here you can meet with obstacles. Most likely, you get an inheritance, you can also be assisted by relatives, although later this help will bring you problems. You can have two or more sources of income, and the profession will be in some way a secret and linked to work for the military department, the government, you can become a detective. At a more secular level, you can excel in the service sector, because you always know what people need.

Health and Immunity

In general, you have good health, but you can suffer difficult diagnosed neural diseases. You do not overload your body and do not like physical exercises. You should monitor the condition of the calves, ankles, legs, blood vessels, and also the lymph glands. You can also have a sensitive stomach, and muscle weakness can be a consequence of a lack of vitamins.

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