Sun in Cancer — Rising in Aries

The character of the person with the Sun in Cancer and the Ascendant in Aries produces an ambivalent impression, as such people are slopes to the concealment. They show themselves stormy, basically they are not so. Although they want a lot to put in motion, but in fact they take measures. They mislead the partner, turning away from the ideal plans that have just been propagated.

Cancers with an ascendant in Aries believe in a new one, it seems, with the last conviction, but when it turns out that for the sake of the new it is necessary to sacrifice the old, they refuse. So they often deceive the expectations of others. Their self-confidence is great, but all the time is eaten up by doubts. They can change their minds during one night, they can see the next day in a completely different light, if, say, a bad dream will happen.

They, therefore, inhibit the movement itself and produce a contradictory impression of people who can not be relied upon. This is not true; One should not only take their first inspiration for their final decision, for their actual internal purpose. More fearsome some power-hungry.

They believe that their inconsistency must be fully recognized. At home and in the wider environment, they are often tyrannical. Their capriciousness is entertaining, but tedious. But they are capable of creating something lasting, for which they are then ready and for many sacrifices.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

You are able to accept any challenge, especially when you learn self-control, patience and respect for the opinions of others. You are an irascible and lively man, loving risk and possessing the energetic spirit of the pioneer. Original and ambitious, you have the courage and practicality to achieve your goals. In the beginning, you can meet resistance, because others lack your insight. You are a born leader, and even when you succeed, you need someone who will follow you.

You are always optimistic and young at heart. Sometimes independent to recklessness, you act impulsively, and then regret your action. You have pronounced inclinations and can be grumpy and irritable. Although you are a knowledgeable and inventive person, you do not know human nature well. You can be deceived in a person and see only what you want to see.

You often change your opinions, but are very confident in them, as long as you have them. You are probably the only child in the family and in childhood suffered from a bad relationship with their parents. Your father may have found it difficult to provide the family with a livelihood. You will travel on family matters and in order to avoid misfortune. Relatives do not favor you, and relations in the family are strained.

Dark Side of the Sign

Any your phrase begins with the word "I" and ends with the word "me". You are powerful, selfish and consider yourself entitled to receive whatever you want, despite the fact that others may suffer from it. You are an assertive, impatient and arrogant person. If the subject matter does not directly concern you, you roughly interrupt the speaker, letting everyone knows that you are feeling hurt because you are being neglected.

In a verbal fight, you exhaust your opponent to such an extent that he surrenders, only to silence you. You are jealous and love rivalry; Sometimes you are cruel, but never cunning — for this you are too straightforward and frank. You expect that you will be flattered, no matter how badly you behave. When you do not get what you want, everyone must suffer. You are unfaithful in love, easily succumbed to temptation. Your unhappy partners creep away, feeling used and discarded as useless. Nevertheless, when you need them, you will have time to inform them about it.

Love and Family

You are then sparkling and excited, then calm and quiet. You need to attract other people, but you rarely get satisfaction, delivering joy to people. Appearance is important to you, but you make the final choice with the mind, not with the heart. You are impulsive and purposefully seeking your chosen one. You may seem unstable, but this is because you are looking for the perfect love that you will never be able to find. You will never be reconciled to the imperfection of a real person.

In material terms, you will succeed through marriage, and a representative of the opposite sex will bring a lawsuit against you. You will marry early or hurriedly and later you can repent of it. If your marriage falls apart, you are unlikely to make a new attempt. This combination of signs does not promote fertility, and you can have only one child or there may not be children at all. The only thing that you do faster than you fall in love is to stop loving, and this is the reason for your complex emotional life.

Career and Money

You like to have authority, and you can start your own business or go to work in any area where you can be a boss. You are a man of action and blossom in an atmosphere of politics or business. In the field of art, literature or music you will not be popular. You know exactly how to sell the idea to the public. Sports can also bring income. You are ambitious, but you will encounter difficulties, for the overcoming of which all your courage and will are required.

You will make many business trips and can be a foreign agent or head some commission. You will achieve some success with decisive action or with business trips. You are qualified for professions related to military affairs or jurisprudence, although you have a certain propensity to work in the field of extraction and development of mineral deposits. Friends will give you great support and will contribute to your success.

Health and Immunity

You usually disregard your figure and health, indulge your whims in eating, put a lot of stress on the weakest parts of the body or ignore the need to reduce activity when you are sick. Thus, you are exacerbating ill health. You are prone to fever, migraine and inflammatory diseases of the internal organs. You can really help yourself if you use at least a little common sense and take care of your health.

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