Sun in Cancer — Rising in Cancer

A man with the Sun in Cancer and an Ascendant in Cancer feels, as if by touch, and very prudently moves in his environment, gives the impression of uncertainty, at least - timidity. But inside they are very strong, although they do not dare to show it, for the fear of life is pronounced in them. They seek protection, but also protect others, and the latter give much strength.

Cancers with an ascendant in Cancer cover up their quirks with some arrogance, then they are very vulnerable. Their sensitivity can act on the nerves of others, they are often deliberately humiliated to torment others. Unfortunately, they have a lot to do with everything that’s happening; They anticipate the danger ahead of time and prepare for it.

They immediately retreat somewhat, while opening another. In chess, they prefer to play with black, since White owns the first move: the same way they act with others. However, they do not tolerate being oppressed. To this they react so sternly that they will be killed. They are somewhat overstrained, which affects health; They need breaks and peace.

They give a lot of care to others, but at a crucial moment they show unexpected courage, especially if it’s about protecting the tradition. They willingly take responsibility, but rather for internal, than for external. These are wonderful treasurers of some society. At home, they feel safer and better.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

A double dose of such a volatile, restless and emotional sign is not a very good thing for you, because in this case you are completely at the mercy of emotions and sensations. If you could cope with this remarkable emotional energy, you could use it for the good of others, instead of remaining absorbed in your own feelings.

Gardening is likely to be your favorite hobby and will soothe, as is the presence of water near you, such as the sea, rivers, etc. But if you can not give a healthy outlet to your emotions, stress and neuroses will burn you from within. You enjoy telling others about how hard life is for you, but then life will seem even harder to you, and you do not need to expect too much from others.

You will make an excellent parent, provided that you refrain from having your whole life revolving around your children. Restless and active, you often travel just for the process of moving. The past is very real for you, and sometimes you are at a loss to distinguish between past and present. Do not forget to learn from your life experience and move on. Life, of course, is full of vicissitudes, but it is also certain that everyone will receive his share of fame or power.

You are gifted with a rich imagination, which finds satisfaction in strange adventures and encounters with unusual people. You have a changeable temper, and although you are often disappointed in people, the need for friendship and affection makes you look for new acquaintances.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are sure that you are very sensitive, and really: you can burst into tears over the movie or discussing your last love disappointment. Your friends sympathize with you — for the first two hours. In the end, they remember their own, very real problems and wonder why they spend time listening to you.

Have you ever noticed that your friends are starting to twitch nervously after spending a little time in your community? They would like to leave, but you seem simply distraught with grief, and they can not force themselves to make a sensible act. So they remain witnesses of not a particularly pleasant sight of how you bathe in a stream of self-pity. Usually you suck from other people their time, energy and feelings until they are completely exhausted, and at this point you quickly call and go to another company where you will have a new audience.

Being completely devoid of logic, it is difficult for you to understand that there is no reason why your life should be strewn with roses. If you had a good thought, you would understand that other people do not live easily. The only person you really need to rely on is yourself. So drain your tears, stop complaining and start living.

Love and Family

You are rather accommodating and faithful in love — a combination that can contribute to happiness in marriage. However, you are very sensitive, and you can be deeply hurt by cruel criticism. You are devoted to home and to your partner. If you are a man, you love, when the wife cherishes you. You are very emotional and responsive to love, approval and sympathy. You may have problems with relatives, and because of this you can become very attached to another family. Happiness does not come easily, although you may acquire an inheritance after major legal difficulties. Children will cause many complications in life, although the elder will probably succeed in chemistry, medicine or the military profession and will achieve an honorable position, so you will be very proud of them. In old age, your children will be a great source of protection and support for you.

Career and Money

You are emotional, sensitive to flattery and like to feel yourself popular. You like to act, you are good at negotiating, and this can provide you with a source of income. Advertising and television can be a great opportunity for you to prove yourself. Money will not come to you easily, but only as a result of hard work or through your children. In middle age your life will be more successful and prosperous. You can get out a good nanny, a gardener, a chef, a hotel employee, you will be good at handling work in the service sector.

Health and Immunity

A little hypochondriac, you rarely allow at least one day to go through without imagining that you have caught some kind of disease. The state of your health often depends on your emotional life, and by suppressing your feelings, you bring on illnesses caused by nervous tension. Diseases in the chest and stomach, rheumatism and sciatica — these are possible problems. You may be prone to injury, so you should be careful not to fall. Finally, do not start animals, especially when you live abroad.

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