Sun in Cancer — Rising in Capricorn

The character of a person with the Sun in Cancer and the Ascendant in Capricorn hardly survives its destiny, but it is worth it if they survive. This is a constant emotional strain and a severe test of strength. These people are advancing only by snail’s steps, but their footsteps in the sand, and maybe in the stone, are so deep as no others.

They are strongly attached to the past, if it was reliable and tested. Progress they had before in the liver, which many reformers may not get better. Memories are very vivid, all of their foundations are in yesterday’s. They care about history, love architectural monuments, they would like to live in countries, half-timbered houses, of course, if they are properly equipped.

Cancers with an ascendant in Capricorn work at night, when others rest; The night sky inspires, they feel the impenetrable cosmos, the pallor of their earth and earthly life. Their partners have a hard time; They want and are capable of comprehending the other, constantly experiencing its essence. Their eyes constantly look incredulous and melancholy, which scares many.

They rarely let themselves be carried away by frivolous deeds, and then long repent and torment themselves. Their strong conservatism can lead to constant quarrels. They have emotional inherent in their essence emotional volatility; Only alone behind the double curtains, they allow themselves to sometimes cry, or pour themselves a sip more than with people.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

This is a wonderful combination of signs. You really care about other people and are always ready to help in any way you can. Partnership, professional or personal, is your strength, and although you can try to use power, in general you need other people. With regard to money, you are a real wizard, very resourceful when you need to earn a living on your daily bread or buy something cheap. The past is alive for you, and you are desperately trying to learn from its mistakes. You try to forgive offenses and do not tend to take revenge, but rarely forget them.

You are a faithful and reliable friend, with many of your friends you have known since childhood. You are very sentimental and become a loving, caring and responsible parent who skillfully combines love and discipline. Your will is changeable, but usually you overcome all obstacles. If you have chosen a direction, then you act very aggressively. It is difficult for you to maintain good relations with relatives, and they can be a source of trouble for you, especially when it comes to marriage. You are a loving and sincere person, but doomed to change.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a real burden, in everything you see only the negative side. You shoulder all the world’s problems on your shoulders, and then wonder why you are so sad. You interfere in other people’s affairs, claiming that you are doing this out of love for your neighbor. You believe that you can solve all problems, despite the obvious lack of experience. When you feel bad, you rely on other people, but your gloomy mood can last for several weeks in a row, and no one can endure such tension. You can wear down not one friend while you are suffering with your long-term depression.

Your feelings are poisoned by intolerance, you suffer from limitedness and care little for the feelings of others. When you give someone a favor, you do it as a duty, and then call yourself a martyr. You lack foresight and there is nothing to oppose to your pessimism. All you can think about is how to take care of your appearance. It seems to you that you feel everything, but it is far from being so.

Love and Family

Interest in the opposite sex wakes up in you rather late, but when you fall in love, your feelings are strong and constant. Sex fades into the background, when your attention is occupied by other interests, you can be voluptuous and rude, but also alienated and cold. You are jealous and resentful. Due to the fact that you are afraid to be rejected, you are prone to suspicion and expect that the first step will be made by another person. But as soon as you feel that you really need, and you will be sure that the person will not betray you, you gradually begin to relax and learn to love him. And then no one is more faithful and reliable than you.

Some people born under this combination of signs are opposed to marriage, others will marry early and repeatedly. In any case, love relationships are subject to great changes, and the partner can serve as an obstacle to achieve the main life goal. Perhaps remarriage will bring wealth. Your ambitious aspirations and position in society are very closely related to your partner. On your children you have high hopes, which can go to the extreme. Probably, you will have enemies who will try to destroy your marriage, but you are a reliable support, and victory will be yours.

Career and Money

You have commanding manners, and you can become a good leader. Your magnetism inspires people to follow you. You are distinguished by directness and persistently strive to achieve the chosen goal. You are able to bring your plans to a successful conclusion. Innate ambition and courage allow you to achieve very much in life. Your entrepreneurship helps you, and you often succeed in working with a partner. You need someone who would inspire and support you creatively. You enjoy working in business, finance and management, where you can excel. You are not afraid of hard works, provided that it is paid accordingly. You are not inclined to adventures, and this can protect you from failures.

Health and Immunity

You have an iron organism, steel nerves and tremendous endurance, but you can suffer from colds, problems with teeth, and in old age — from rheumatism. You are prone to knee injuries, and depression can lead you to alcoholism. You will live to a very old age.

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