Sun in Cancer — Rising in Leo

The character of the person with the Sun in Cancer and the Ascendant in Leo covers the inner sensitivity and resentment with externally self-confident behavior that always gives an impression. They want to represent themselves in life, but they never know if they get it. They are convinced of themselves, but they are not left feeling that they have not sufficiently secured themselves. They seem to be completely open, and they like to seem like that; But in fact they are afraid of it.

The tension that arises between the life core and the way they put themselves among others is not to be underestimated. Few people make so many "Freud errors" as they, which, incidentally, does not indicate a mental illness. Cancers with an ascendant in Leo have an extraordinary memory and are able to use it at the right time, an important weapon in the life struggle.

This memory is amazing, because it does not focus on times or dates, but on gestures, scraps of words typical for a person or situation. This is also based on experience, which positively affects the second half of life; They not only learn from their own experience, but also use it, put it into circulation and distribute it; This is, in fact, their capital.

If their capriciousness prevails, their behavior in society often deserves condemnation. They may suddenly shout at the waiter, assuming that he has cheated them. But then they immediately ask for petition, showing in this rare latitude.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

Although you are proud, noble, generous, kind and gentle, it happens that these wonderful qualities are not visible to the naked eye. The position of the Sun in your sign makes you keep its light under a chasm, not out of modesty, but from secrecy. You can be a wonderful, sincere friend who suddenly part with his friends for no reason, leaving everyone in perplexity. You know for yourself this secret of secrecy and do not like to spread about yourself.

You need to sometimes retire, and you find that this acts on you in the most salutary way. Those who understand you will accept this in you, but do not be surprised when strangers or those who know you superficially, your behavior confounds. You are fair, endowed with many talents, you can rely on. You are a self-controlled and imperious person, you are pettish with pettiness, you love everything bright and beautiful. You are quick-tempered, but quick-witted and not inclined to revenge, magnanimously forgiving the offender.

Dark Side of the Sign

You like dramas and secrets and are quite capable of creating them yourself, using the most trivial situation in order to weave around her a web of intrigues. It is quite obvious that this can be a dangerous thing — one day an unsuitable person will come to you to train your talents in this area, and then a libel case can be brought against you. It will do you good. You believe that your tendency to embellish and exaggerate different kinds for everyone is only a boon, but in turn, hate to talk about yourself and your life. Could it be that while discussing others, will you be horrified when they begin to discuss you?

It’s hard for you to share your hopes and feelings with others, so people who love you think that it’s almost impossible for you to understand. When they fail to understand you, you plunge into the abyss of regret, loneliness and think that you are neglected. Why do not you just express yourself and tell us what you do not like? People can not know what you are not telling them.

Love and Family

People are attracted by your kindness and cordiality. Even the worst enemy will have nothing to say against you and will have to admit that you are exceptionally generous. In an intimate relationship, you can be faithful not on duty. In love, you are too generous and you can sacrifice everything, and your attachments, and property. You may not be passionate, but always expansive and cordial. Everything you do, you try to do well, and therefore you also want to love sincerely.

Your father means a lot in your life, and it is possible that many of the vicissitudes of fate have fallen on his lot. It is difficult for you to maintain good personal contact with him. It seems that you will marry twice and will have children from both spouses. You will have a lot of children, the firstborn in infancy will need a very big care. If your spouse is Aquarius, you can have twins. The difference between them will be manifested when they grow up.

Career and Money

You completely trust people and want you to be trusted in the same way. You will do everything to be worthy of trust, which you have been given. You love responsibility and power and best deal with work on your own. Women in good standing can give you a helping hand. Your numerous abilities will find their best application in the field of fine arts or in work in public institutions. You love theater and have poetic abilities.

Traveling around your home country can bring you well-being, and there will be a profitable occupation, requiring numerous trips. You could succeed in the work behind the scenes, but no matter in which area you succeed, you will have an artistic hobby. This propensity of your character must find its expression; Fortunately, you can combine your passion and profession.

Health and Immunity

You have a very strong body, and you quickly restore forces after illness. Nevertheless, despite your tremendous energy, you can overload your heart and back too much. Other organs to which attention should be paid are the throat and reproductive organs. You may also be prone to rheumatism. Usually you watch your health closely, and you should be all right with him.

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