Sun in Cancer — Rising in Libra

A man with the Sun in Cancer and an Ascendant in Libra has a significant artistic temperament and artistic talent emanating from within and then receiving design. Here a great role is played by hereditary qualities and fundamental emotional perceptions. They create almost continuously, often they are in a dreamlike state in reality; You can see what is growing in them.

So they are all the time internally busy (although not yourself), but grief, if reality at the same time spook them! Then they do not control themselves, and their whims cause hatred of others; But they spend all their time in birth pains! Here new forms are born, new roles are found, life as a game of masks finds here a kind of crowning.

This character loves the beautiful, because he knows the quagmires of hatred. Cancers with the Ascendant in Libra are always neat and watchful, but there is a smell of some stuffiness that seems to be overcome. If the level is not high enough, the failed artistic career seems not only a task, but a passionate aspiration.

The aspiration is generally pronounced in them, they always seek somewhere else — not so much in the sense of space as in the sense of the state. At the same time, the house remains a refuge, always festively decorated in anticipation of expensive guests. They accept guests willingly, and the guest can demand from them what they want, right up to the master himself.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

You are kind, gentle, benevolent, delicate and peaceful. You try to live in harmony with others, social ties are important to you, and for complete self-realization and happiness you need a partner. One of your most outstanding characteristics is the love of justice. You will go to any sacrifice to resist evil, or react to injustice, becoming cold and vindictive. When it comes to your judgments, you are very careful, weigh all the facts and make a carefully verified conclusion. Nevertheless, you are such a balanced person that sometimes tend to hesitate and generally refuse to draw any conclusion. You try to see both sides of the question and often find it difficult to choose a specific course of action.

You are a straightforward and frank person. Although sometimes very optimistic, you can be a perfect melancholy. You are subject to extreme manifestations of temperament and although you are easily angry, just as easily and calm down. Hobbies grab you completely, but suddenly you can lose interest in your hobby and switch to something else.

Your father can cause your loss or misfortune, or he himself may suffer as a result of bad luck. Such conflicts and restrictions create ambition, and the goal of your life may well be work and the pursuit of success. Remember that success means very little, if it can not be shared with others, besides, your success is unlikely to be long. This combination of signs implies the person’s desire to love and care for others, and you must recognize the need to give, if you want to find real happiness.

Dark Side of the Sign

Always work and only work, no entertainment — all this makes you very boring person. You always want to talk only about business and almost nothing is interested in, except work. You are unlikely to enjoy great popularity in society, unless, of course, your presence will not be in the best interests of the business. This combination of signs involves a love of comfort, to delicious food and drinks. Therefore, it is not surprising if you are different in completeness. In general, you are nothing more than a glutton, although at every opportunity you tend to deny that you love to pamper yourself. The need to satisfy your needs without delay can ultimately lead you into a psychological impasse, from which only the doctor will help you. Try to balance your "scales". After all, from someone who spends life choking on small things, you can hardly expect great professional success, right?

Love and Family

You are amorous and love married life, and if one marriage fails, you quickly enter another. Even when you are alone, you are very dependent on the approval of others. You like when there is someone near you who appreciates everything that you say and do. It seems that you have an accurate idea of the role of men and women in life and you are a very good lover. You have many brothers or sisters, and maybe you will marry a person from a large family. You will have several children who are happy in life and bring you great satisfaction. They will be your best support in old age. One of your spouses is likely to be extremely rich, and in this regard you can expect an inheritance. Many of your friends are in a good social position, and among people from the artistic or professional environment you will get unexpected friends.

Career and Money

You are extraordinarily artistic and appreciate all that is beautiful. You have an excellent sense of line, color and proportions. You are attracted by balance and harmony, you prefer the environment of cultural people, where the first place is aesthetic values. You are picky about your clothes and extremely clean, feel dislike for dirty work. You quickly learn and have skills in the field of art and business.

You can succeed in classes related to navigation or fluids. Many people born under this combination of signs become wine merchants, chemists, therapists or surgeons. Where the driving force is water, there is a chance for you to succeed. Your work will be connected with people, you will often leave home and make long trips. Success awaits you in your home country or in your hometown. In adulthood, you can achieve a good social status.

Health and Immunity

You have a strong body, you are very hardy and quickly restore strength. However, be wary of diseases of the liver, kidneys, veins and legs, as well as intestinal disorders. As long as you lead a healthy lifestyle and are busy with work, you have nothing to worry about.

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