Sun in Cancer — Rising in Pisces

The character of the person with the Sun in Cancer and the ascendant in Pisces creates, relying on instinct. They know the basics, although they do not know how to explain and prove them. They have a huge natural fantasy and an almost unmistakable instinct. They have nightmares when the trouble is approaching, and good dreams, when the sky above everyday life shows the best sides.

They often have the gift of comprehending the depths of the occult; These border areas are of great interest to them; They know how to guess cards, and many people use their kind advice. The masses respond well to them; This applies to politicians. Their actions are determined by an instinctive instinct, the subconscious is constantly present.

Cancers with an ascendant in Pisces do not trust reason, new reasoning, new ways of calculating; This is for them a quest that does not lead anywhere, because they do not rely on any tradition. The whole life of their feelings is aimed at conception; They are gentle, loyal, affectionate and affectionate, incapable of violence, allow themselves to be driven, knowing well that somewhere there is an islet for their sensitivity.

Sensitive and vulnerable, they are not meant for rough daily routine, and often resort to tricks. But they know how to wait; Their patience is great, and no one so feels the flow of the great flow that moves society forward. Their strength lies in underwater passivity; Their passivity — awake and adaptive; When they are called, they are here; They are waiting for this.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

A double dose of Water signs promotes an extremely rich imagination. You are delicate, sensitive, intuitive, observant and often possess telepathic abilities. However, you are also suggestible, impressionable and so idealistic that your innate practicality is not always visible. Common sense usually prevails, and you manage to organize your life with comfort. You are modest, unassuming, but self-confident. You know how to please yourself, and are extremely sociable, constantly looking for new entertainment. You make a great host (mistress) at home and a friend. You are cautious and inclined to first agree from dislike for disputes, and then change your mind.

You usually have a lot of brothers and sisters, and relatives provide significant help. Probably, you will have some passion for artistic sense: your emotions are very strong, and you need to give them a constructive expression. This is a very pleasant and attractive combination of signs.

Dark Side of the Sign

You seek to receive pleasure at any cost, and no problems or life obstacles are taken seriously. Lack of common sense and carelessness in the face of difficulties can result in cruelty towards those who love you. You may seem charming, but in reality you are a superficial and selfish person. You live in a paradise for fools, and perhaps one day you will wake up when the roasted cock finally bites you. In response to this, you prefer to drown in a sea of liquor and cherish your dejection by an unhappy fate. Although you successfully succeed in playing the role of a moth, carelessly fluttering through life, you can suddenly turn into a perfect monster. Gambling is one of your weaknesses, and you can borrow from a friend his last money to lose them at the races.

Love and Family

You like to be in a state of love, and most of the time you have to love. Mysterious and sensual, you are usually third in a love triangle. Some people feel that you are playing a life, and do not live. Beware of getting too deep into the fantasy world. You are impressionable, romantic, gifted with a rich imagination and can easily hurt yourself with your strange fantasies. It seems that you are getting married, but your union may suffer because of many difficulties or you will have big problems with your partner. You can inherit property. You will have many children, they will be accompanied by luck, their lives will be full of travel and change. Finally, it should be said that you are a kind person who never allows himself to have pleasures at the expense of others.

Career and Money

You will succeed in the best way in the area where you will have acquaintances and have an emotional and human interest. You like drama — on stage or in everyday life. In a state or public institution, your wisdom and lofty ideals can be a source of inspiration. You can be a good secretary, teacher, priest, orator and playwright. If you become a writer, then you will like subjects, where strange and supernatural events occur. Under this combination of signs were born many popular writers.

You are very active, and your numerous interests will lead you to success. You will get rich at the expense of your own efforts, as a result of travel or thanks to an inheritance from relatives. You have many friends who are in a good position to help you make a career. You will have many business trips, and you can have two professions at the same time. This combination of signs often means that a person will be honored, and he will gain considerable wealth.

Health and Immunity

You do not have a particularly strong body, and although in general you are healthy, you do not differ in good resistance to diseases. The rising sign of Pisces controls the fluids released by the body; You can suffer from diseases that affect the legs, ankles and eyes. There is also a risk of injury from contact with sharp or hot objects. Women can suffer from ovarian diseases or irregular menstrual cycles. Many of your diseases are of psychogenic origin, so try to cope with your hypochondria.

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