Sun in Cancer — Rising in Sagittarius

The character of a person with the Sun in Cancer and the Ascendant in Sagittarius has creative power and a desire to create. Their arguments are reasonable and meaningful, and many have very deep roots. They form with love what is reliable and experienced, and in this lies true progress; They give the traditional true development. Often in their youth they radiate a kind of wisdom.

They are constantly striving for further movement, but the radius of their movement is planned in such a way as not to lose sight of the starting point. They are sincerely oriented, and they are ready to offer significant assistance in this area. Being psychologists, they understand this occupation as helping people in life, and not just as a specialty.

Cancers with an ascendant in Sagittarius attach great value to the home and children who are brought up in the spirit of adults. They spread peace; If only they are not irritated by someone’s stubbornness, pettiness or excessive youthfulness. They expand the universal relationship; They evaluate works of art in terms of longevity.

They think for generations and are interested in others. They can, as members of the public, go from one court to another — in the interests of the cause. With regard to the profession, they have many opportunities. They are incorruptible; If something they do not like on it is visible; They can expose and deprive of confidence, but cruelly repent of it.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

This is a complex combination of signs: you make the impression of a sociable person, a lover of fun, but deep down you are very sensitive. In order to protect yourself, you prefer to hide your subtle feelings behind a mask of sociability and sometimes superficiality. You do not trust other people and exercise excessive circumspection. Nevertheless, you are a fine, reliable friend, you can always rely on. You expect others to repay you the same, and feel deeply disappointed when they let you down.

You are active and adapt easily to the new situation. You will make friends all over the world, but it will be difficult for you to establish personal contact with them. Others may find you superficial, but this is only partly true, because you are deeply sensitive. You deserve a good education that will help you acquire more self-confidence and beautify your speech. Otherwise, you will be permanently stuck on your small problems. Concentrate on the need to be a knowledgeable person. People are drawn to you, but your endless chatter about themselves can alienate them.

You have a developed sense of justice, and your polite manners become defiant in the presence of enemies or when you are forced to defend yourself. You are optimistic and youthful enthusiastic, even in adulthood, you can sacrifice everything except independence, and feel uncomfortable in an unfriendly environment. You believe in peace, truth and justice and seldom get into trouble without sufficient reason.

Youth can not be very happy because of the changes in relations between your parents or because of their failure. Relations with children are usually good, but there may be problems. You are very attracted to travel, and you can stay abroad until the end of your days.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are prone to exaggerations, hypersensitivity and hypochondria. True, you always have success, but when people know you better, they lose all sympathy for you and start to avoid you. You expect that others will live by your rules and act in accordance with your ideas. And how about learning to take art and not just take it? In work, you can only ruin the whole thing. You insist on doing everything in your own way, and you do not know how to obey at all. Working for yourself could be a solution, but what will teach you to do at least something good? You are full of unrealistic dreams and you refuse to make changes in your plans.

Love and Family

For you, suddenly flushed love often turns into a lasting friendship, which you are very loyal. But it does not always happen, and your love can end in a broken marriage and a break in commitment. Even in a marriage you can not endure restrictions. You are not at all a home type, and you can be an egoist with whom it’s hard to get along. You will most likely marry more than once, and one union will have a significant impact on your well-being and status. You will have few children, and the relationship with them will be difficult. It is likely that you will sever relations with one of your children.

Love relationships are complex, because the lack of pride or idealism on the part of your partner makes you immediately lose any interest in it. The slightest flaw immediately repels you, and since most people are imperfect, it is almost impossible for you to find a suitable pair.

Career and Money

You are more likely to make sporadic attempts to excel in several areas than to work purposefully in anyone. If you put off work, it’s hard for you to start again. You use a direct approach to the business and usually achieve financial success, but do not like routine and you are bored with fiddling with small details. You are interested in all the sublime, and you can engage in research in the field of spiritual knowledge. You probably will have two professions. Although your youth is overshadowed by obstacles, in middle age you will be lucky. You will succeed in working with finances and in big business, but whatever you do, you will travel a lot. Your career will be solid and fruitful.

Health and Immunity

You love outdoor activities and sports, especially such kinds as hunting, shooting, running and horse riding. You have a strange attitude towards physical ailments: you believe that by ignoring them, you will make them disappear. Because of a strong strain, you are prone to nervous illnesses, but overall you have good health and you will live to a very old age. Maladies can spread to the throat, ears and bronchi, and rheumatism in the legs is also possible.

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