Sun in Cancer — Rising in Scorpio

A man with the Sun in Cancer and an Ascendant in Scorpio can have a very creatively gifted character. And what they give birth, they openly believe in the world. They want to generate movement, to scare the crowd — and they have the power to do it. They have an extraordinary imagination, so that they can always offer something new; Their inner world seems inexhaustible. But all they do is the rhythm of the tide; Then the tide turns into a turbulent flow, then the ebb reaches such a strength that you might think that nothing wakes you up anymore.

Cancers with an ascendant in Scorpio come into conflict when it comes to self-affirmation. Their very individualized dryness they protect from any adjustment; While they can use the means that others would call exaggeratedly emotional and even ruthless.

However, if their existence is threatened, the opinion of others is indifferent to them. After the battle, licking wounds, they to some extent give an account of what happened, and if they believe that they have gone too far, which rarely happens, they can stretch out the hand of reconciliation.

They have a rare attractive effect. It is possible that this is based on their openness to the erotic, which constitutes an important part of their existence. Here they choose ways that shock many respectable burghers. They know the danger of animal self-abduction, but it stops them, they do not miss the opportunity to exhaust everything that is possible. So they gain experience, others not experienced, that, on the other hand, awaken their creative power.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

A person born under this combination of signs loves entertainment, he is emotional, artistic and kindhearted. Constant improvement of the level of education is of significant benefit to you, you can be an eternal student. In addition, you will live long abroad and can even marry a foreigner. You are a sociable creature, your life is full of love, you have a rich imagination.

You associate yourself with children, and they like your company. You are very impressionable and can intervene in quarrels and conflicts, which are disastrous for you. You are completely devoted to work and pleasure. You have a strong will, but in character you are indecisive and easily irritated, quick-tempered, but quick-witted. Your likes and dislikes are strong and all-consuming.

The financial situation will be uncertain, although in the second half of your life you will prosper. You will receive income from abroad, through married relatives and legal matters. Your father treats you well, but will be in a dangerous situation because of failures. The succession of difficulties accompanying you in your youth will eventually be replaced by success, which will justify all your efforts.

Dark Side of the Sign

You insidiously indulge people in order to establish full control over them and force you to yield. You are simply not accustomed to failure. In sexual games, you show a coldness and evasiveness, getting more pleasure from the game than from sex. You are extremely complex, capricious and morose and sometimes feel completely powerless. You are prone to manipulation and lies, creating difficulties from scratch. It’s not surprising that you need a lot of time to draw some conclusions. When you need to achieve power, you are evasive, ruthless and use all your charm. You remain a mystery even to yourself. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that those who dare to stand in your way will severely pay.

Your biggest problem is anger that you never learned to control. It can simply devastate you. If you do not give him a way out, he will turn against you and leave you sad, embittered and completely devastated. You are looking for salvation in alcohol and soothing pills, and because you do not have a very pleasant nature, your state does not interest anyone.

Love and Family

You love very intensely, carnally and without knowing the measures. If someone does not respond to your love, you give up this person. Even if he ever responds to your feelings, there is no calming, and your life continues to be as turbulent as before. You expect that your lover will be betrayed to you absolutely, soul and body. Few can accept this after the first charm of love passes. You are passionate and jealous, you should fight against these qualities. Your jealousy is all-consuming, and the desire to take revenge in case of betrayal is indomitable.

You will probably be married more than once, and your emotional life will be complicated. You can have many children, even twins. Your child will marry early, and in connection with this you will have some secret problems. Your love life is full of intrigue and, undoubtedly, will never be fresh.

Career and Money

You are practical, energetic, persevering and working very persistently. You are indefatigable when the goal you pursue is tangible. You defeat opponents with the help of the mind and cunning, you are perceptive, severe and cold. You can make a career in the field of crime investigation, in science, medicine, maritime affairs, in power structures or in leadership positions. Usually under this combination of signs researchers in the field of occult sciences, chemists and philosophers are born, as it gives good analytical abilities. Income can provide work in the field of foreign affairs. Whichever career you choose, you will definitely have a great success.

Health and Immunity

You have a very strong constitution and unconquerable resistance. The areas to watch for are the endocrine glands, the excretory system and the reproductive organs, as well as the hip area. You may be exposed to poisoning. Be careful with hot or sharp objects — possible injuries to the right hand. Vision with age can be weakened. It seems that you yourself are the cause of your own diseases, exposing yourself to excessive stress.

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