Sun in Cancer — Rising in Taurus

The character of a person with the Sun in Cancer and the Ascendant in Taurus deliberately develops a pleasantness in dealing with others, this is his defense. They behave themselves confident, solid and reliable, so as not to show their weaknesses. In them many breaks through; Creatively they develop well only if they feel safe.

Their development takes time; If they have time, much is born from the state of rest. If he feels betrayed or betrayed, a distrust awakens in them, which then is difficult to overcome. Cancers with an ascendant in Taurus tend to be precautionary, but if someone jokingly pulls a trifle from their pocket — he’s a finished man to them. They may not say this, but at the decisive moment they will show their negativity, at least everything went to rubble.

They are difficult to deal with because they do not tolerate criticism — their inner vulnerability is too great. This is all the more a problem, because the surrounding people are not aware of this — people joke, drink together, have fun, keep themselves friendly; But if the sensitive core turns out to be affected, everything is forgotten. This makes it difficult to communicate with them, especially in adolescence, as well as in old age.

Internal fear constantly causes them to seek external support and can awaken in them a chronic bitter anger, so that their innate fascination seems like a masque. Then they are ready to live more in a kennel, rather than on the same staircase with neighbors.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

You have a practical mind. Not an idealist or a dreamer, you are cautious, constructive and stable. You never expect that you will be showered with a golden shower, but hope to receive a proper reward for your hard work. You are hardworking, patient and practical. Love to identify yourself with everything traditional, proven and accurate. Once you have made a decision, you stubbornly follow the chosen course. You are not afraid of hard works, and obstacles only spur you on.

You have huge energy reserves and infinite patience. You are a calm person, loving and attached to home. You can have strong feelings, but it’s hard for you to express them. It’s hard for you to anger, but if you succeed, you do not soon calm down and long loathe the evil feelings. You are very concerned about your property and are constantly striving to acquire something else. The Ascendant in Taurus gives good origin, especially from the father: he can occupy an influential position. In general, your life is peaceful and peaceful, although the strength with which you resist obstacles and stubbornness can cause some problems.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are lazy, like luxury, you need to overcome the unbridled need to indulge in pleasures. But it’s hard to give up the pleasure of eating well, and you can be a slave to your appetite, which leads to obesity. Emotionally you are completely insensitive and just as flexible as a piece of marble. You are a know-it-all and reject any advice or instruction. You always try to consolidate your status quo. You can forever harbor anger and never believe a word. You have a particularly bad habit of blaming others for your wrongdoings - if you stumble on a table, then this table is to blame for being there; If you insult a friend with your selfishness, then it is your friend’s fault that he was not generous enough to you.

Love and Family

You are calm and gentle, you are not subordinate to the mind, but to the heart. Your love can be passionate at the beginning, but then turn into a warm and friendly relationship, ideal for marriage. Usually you are satisfied with your family life. Resolute and confident, having received the desired, you will not allow anyone to take away from you what you think is yours by right. You will encounter considerable difficulties, and detractors will try to interfere with your family life, but if you are lucky, your marriage will not fall apart. Your first-born, especially if it’s a boy, needs special care as a child. Nevertheless, your children will be a source of satisfaction for you, they will succeed in the field of education and art.

Career and Money

You are perfect for working with finances, and you will make an excellent banker or trustee. You are also cautious about your own money. You have an innate sense of beauty, but you prefer art objects that are not only beautiful, but also valuable. Despite the possible losses due to legal disputes and love relationships that you will have after marriage, you will still be a wealthy person. You can also get rich by playing a game on the exchange or through publishing. In his youth, luck will not often accompany you, but later your situation will improve thanks to friends. Success can come through such spheres as science, art, literature or education. Income can also bring your interest in science, gardening or gardening. You are patient and accurate, very attentive to small details, like not only to work, but also to have a good rest.

Health and Immunity

You have great physical endurance, but, getting sick, you recover slowly. You may be prone to injury and should monitor the condition of the throat, neck, shoulders, heart and kidneys. You can also get diabetes. In general, you manage to maintain a good physical shape.

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