Sun in Cancer — Rising in Virgo

A person with the Sun in Cancer and an Ascendant in Virgo seeks to intelligently organize his life; All emotional is suppressed as much as possible, at least in front of others, so that often they make a false impression. Internal movements do not find expression, except in trifles, which seem unimportant. When the internal quirks themselves break out, the people around are amazed.

But they quickly master themselves; Besides, they have a wonderful instinct for others, they often anticipate their answers, which is always overwhelming. Work is always performed in good faith, but it feels that they prefer either to work primarily at home or to arrange their workplace somewhat away from others, so that they can not be watched.

Cancers with an ascendant in Virgo are peculiar in relation to life rhythms and reactions, and this can disturb others. They willingly travel, but not too far away, and willingly return home. They are curious and have the gift of finding an unusual, just-uncommon flair; They feel where there can be damning documents.

They have such a good memory for the details, so much can be traced from memory. Looking at the plans of unfamiliar cities for them is a pleasure, and they remember almost photographic. They feel at home, if only from time to time they can live in accordance with their moods.

♋ Cancer Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

Although you can be emotional, you are extremely practical. You are an expert on how to manage money, you always manage to survive, regardless of the amount of money that you have. Not that you were mean, no, you are just sensible.

Relationships with people are important for you. You love communication and usually are popular in your circle. Especially good at you work in a team. You are a great friend for those who are in trouble, provided that these people are in trouble not by their own stupidity. If this is so, your sympathy immediately disappears, and you begin to read your favorite morals. You are very demanding, both to yourself and to others, but usually you sympathize with other people and know how to listen to them.

You have a clear mind and a developed sense of justice, but sometimes you tend to give unreasonably large attention to small things. You are a modest person and are pleasant in communication. You are very trusting in love. In general, you have a gentle character, it’s hard for you to lose your temper, but forgiving your grievances is not easy. You have a strong will, but you are persuaded and can change your aspirations.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a pompous hypocrite who believes that his opinion on any issue is the only one worthy of attention. You like to impose your judgments on other people and you never doubt what you think or feel. After a half-minute conversation with you, people scatter to somebody, there may be some poor, unsuspecting simpleton, before whom you will develop your ideas.

The principle "everything should lie in its place" brought you to the absolute. People constantly need to hear about your dignity and organizational talent. No doubt, if you are a doctor, your office is the most sterile of all in the Northern Hemisphere. You tend to neglect only such trifles as marriage and partnership.

Love and Family

You are prone to alienation and loneliness and have rather many acquaintances than real friends. You share your sympathies among many people and never give yourself up to love in full. You are critical of those who offer you their love, and are inclined to expose these people to such a careful analysis that you can not refrain from cavils. When you still fall in love, even in love you remain practical. You do not knock a man down with his passion, but you can make your loved ones feel considerable discomfort in your presence. You are waiting for disappointments and complications in love, and probably you will marry twice or have a relationship on the side.

In a marriage you will have problems, and maybe with your spouse there will be some mystery. It will be difficult for you to bring up your first child and cope with your small family. Your offspring will not get married early or easily. You also need to be careful, because one of your novels can end with an enduring hatred directed at you, and during this love affair, the child may somehow suffer.

Career and Money

This combination of signs gives love to the humanities, literature, history, theater and theology. This combination makes you eloquent, convincing and sometimes a great talker. In you there is a love of gardening, truck farming, agriculture, etc., but your analytical mind is equally well able to perceive theoretical and practical sciences.

Usually this combination of signs involves obtaining an inheritance, in addition, you will acquire property through a partner, as well as through science or teaching. Although you can expect success in art or science, there is a danger of unfavorable changes. Nevertheless, wealth can be acquired abroad. You will probably be a very busy person, and you will have to tear yourself between many things at once, but success will certainly come to you. In search of prosperity, you will travel or travel abroad on property-related matters, and, probably, will work abroad. You will move many times, and by the end of your life you will have two houses in different countries.

Health and Immunity

You are a well-balanced person and take care of yourself and other people. However, you can suffer from colic, flatulence, intestinal problems and blood diseases. Eczema and allergies are also typical problems, since a state of concern adversely affects your skin.

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