Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Aquarius Moon signs produces a thoughtful, sincere, and responsible inner nature, and a friendly personality. A good healthy respect for yourself and your own talents demands the respect of others. Your sincerity and genuine interest in people makes you very popular, and you enjoy involvement in a good bit of public activity. The Aquarius Moon gives you a streak of originality and sometimes genius that sets you apart from most Capricorn; you’re more progressive and apt to be attracted to new interests and sudden mode changes effecting the way you feel about things.

While you believe strongly in traditional values and tested methods, you are not afraid of the future and you rarely fail to sense the merit of a good progressive idea. You have good insight into human nature as well, and you’re usually able to choose the right friends and associates. You are at your best when involved in important groups and associations, clubs or societies, for you know how to put your personality over, and draw people to you. In this arena, your greatest skill becomes apparent and you are opportunistic in selecting the right people to deal with and to help you. In business, you have splendid organizing abilities and skill for making money, often along unusual lines, and especially when it requires using your special talent for dealing with people.

You have an independent streak in your nature, however, and you work best without personal supervision. You are not one to make snap judgments. You need time to think and reflect. Given this time, you can always make sound progress through prudent forethought and an ability to bridge the past to the present and the future. Although always friendly, you have a hard determination about you that is going to make itself felt. Your pride is great and you may be something of a social climber; status is very important to you. Your emotions are very controlled and guided by your intelligence and judgment. Your calm and intelligence makes you a good companion, but probably not a passionate lover. What you lack in ardor you make up in stability.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

You have a combination of good intelligence, extraordinary intuition, and compelling charm to help you achieve success. You will never be lonely because your cheerful charm will always draw people to you. You are likely to have many odd and influential friends who are vital to you. You have a very basic conflict in your combination. You have far ranging and far out involvements and activities. There is nothing like the ordinary Capricorn about you. You are bothered with the old and worn, so you approach everything with a view to change and innovation even though you are somber, responsible, and realistic.

The uncharted and unknown fascinate you. You also have the bravery to explore new ideas and go down new trails. An Aquarian Moon gives determined Capricorn a solid sense of freedom to go with the Capricorn thirsting for status and acclaim. You have an enduring esteem for the past, and you feel you must conform to the influence of culture and parents. All Capricorns feel this. However your Aquarian inner being gives you an equally firm need to be free and to rebel against conventionality and tradition.

You can gain self-assurance and selfesteem by remaining socially active and pursuing an energetic and stimulating professional life. Associating with individuals who can give you emotional support and encourage your plans is important for you. It is just as important that your occupation gives you status and helps boost your satisfaction in yourself. Be careful not to let your vocation take the place of complete emotional satisfaction. Should work turn into everything for you, you may become abrupt and unfeeling even though you actually are very caring. Because your charisma and personality are hard to resist, you have no problem attracting romantic involvement.

You may feel a powerful sense of blame, as though somehow you are a deserter whenever you affirm yourself and lead your life according to your own special, independent viewpoint. It would be a waste of your abilities, because you are such a talented and ambitious person, if you decided not to follow your instincts. Your inhibitions are unrealistic and you have every right to decide on your own unique path to success and self-fulfillment. However, insecurity is often an issue. You probably have vague worries and uncertainties, like all Capricorns, in spite of your informal, self-assured manner. Your Aquarian thoughts can at times multiply this propensity, creating illogical phobias and suspicion.

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