Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Aries

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Aries Moon signs produces a very forceful and purposeful personality. You have a strong drive to succeed, and you’re willing to work very hard to insure that this becomes a reality. Prestige is vital to your happiness. You know how to impress people, but you steadfastly refuse to give any appearance of bowing and scraping, or to make any gesture of empty flattery. You can be counted on to be tactfully agreeable while barely being able to hold back your own very distinct personal opinions.

With some experience, you may at least learn to hold your tongue and exercise a minimal degree of patience when dealing with the many lacking your capacity for putting thought into action. This pairing suggests a rather shrewd quality in your nature, and it likewise makes it very clear that you understand well the ways of the world and you know how to deal with them very effectively. Your brand of tact is to speak softly and carry a big stick; diplomacy combined with a vigorous invulnerability. You have a good head for working out solutions to many sorts of problems.

You have an honorable, if gruff, way of dealing with people. You’re not one to pull the wool over someone’s eyes, but you may do a bit of fast talking to win your point when this becomes necessary. You know how to get a project off the ground, to generate enthusiasm, and get long-range plans into effect. You are the type that will take on so much that you can work yourself into a nervous breakdown if you’re not careful. You should learn moderation in work, in opinions, and in the general forcefulness of your nature.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

You are abrupt and somewhat offhand. Despite what people may say, you are actually not selfish, but self-interest is often obvious in this combination. You have little lenience for those who are inactive, but you just believe that God helps those who help themselves. Tremendous power of attention and will are part of the industrious Capricorn-Aries. Trying to keep up with a Capricorn-Aries is difficult. They move so quickly and it can be exhausting to keep up with them. You are a bundle of energy and you attend to things swiftly and capably. You are always on the move. An air of intolerance and unfriendliness is the result.

You take the rest of the world in good spirits while you take care of things. You can get so caught up in your immediate actions that you forget the rest of the world. You never give anything up and are very ambitious and willful. You are fervent, forceful, and rebellious. You simply are not conventional in any way, but are a pioneer. You are always first among those working for change. Your personal life can be a high drama. A lot of tempest and trouble are part of your love affairs. A smooth, monogamous romance is not something your Aries inner nature is cut out for, so you may direct most of your vigor into a career, as well as meeting the goals you set for yourself.

You become nervous when things are not progressing as easily and proficiently as you would like. The world will generally know when you get angry about something. Before you head out not knowing the destination, attempt to think things through. With those who cannot equal your tempo, try to be more tolerant. You cannot always set such a fast pace. You should slow down occasionally to let others catch up with you. You are a restless spirit and it is almost unfeasible for you to sit still.

It is not simple for you to find the time for intimate relationships or researching the romantic, spiritual, and logical facets of life, even though you desire love and appreciation for the amazing person you know yourself to be. The respect and approval you get from your work is what you are content with. Ambition is good, but you may end up missing out on a life. Try slowing down now and then. Your interests and activities should be expanded. While generally as careful as other Capricorns, there are periods when you can be quite impetuous, particularly when your blistering Aries soul takes over.

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