Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon signs produces a sensitive mind and personality endowed with a highly refined intuitive insight. You can "feel" the truth about people and conditions. While highly sensitive and somewhat introspective, you can gain by using your sensitivities along practical lines. You don’t waste time trying to peddle things that people aren’t buying.

You have a knack for making money and the conservative instincts to hang on to it. You can be rather secretive at times, keeping things to yourself until you are ready to take others into your confidence. At times you feel the need to withdraw somewhat into yourself, establishing poise and balance in enjoying moments of quiet peace and introspection. Generally, you need to cultivate demonstrative or extroverted tendencies of personality by countering excessive introspection.

There is a very strong domestic side to your nature; a deep interest in home and family. You need the support of these close personal and sympathetic relationships. Popularity is attained by combating an excessive personal reserve. Your main strength is will power and a tenacity of purpose. Be willing to trust your intuitive impressions or feelings about things to guide you in the right direction.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

A famous Capricorn-Cancer was Janis Joplin who had a tough, working class image that was actually just a disguise for her authentic depth and sensitivity. In this combination the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, so most likely your early environment was quite poor or even heartless. This nurtured in you a strong sense of self-sufficiency and autonomy as well as a cynical outlook. You attempt to maintain a hard, rough, calm, and removed image on the surface, but notwithstanding that casual air, you are actually a very tender and emotionally susceptible person.

Your main problem is insecurity. In order to deal with those entrenched feelings of insufficiency and uncertainty, you can either give in to despair and pessimism or build a hard shell to protect yourself from pain and torment. Consequently many of your anxieties are rooted in your youth. Your challenge is to start to identify your understanding as a strong point rather than a flaw and permit your true self to come forth. You are a competent person and you should appreciate yourself and your gifts.

Two significant things for a Capricorn-Cancer to learn are self-acceptance and self- love. Your combination empowers you with outstanding leadership possibilities and a lot of charm, but you rarely take advantage of these assets. You are not part of the crown in any way and have no desire to lead others or to be led by someone. You are an independent type, essentially, and prefer the comfort of doing things alone. Unfortunately, voluntary exile can expand into deep isolation and loneliness when added to that glum outlook of yours. It is necessary for you to be fairly active socially, regardless of whether you are your own boss.

Emotional issues may prevent a flourishing and equal romantic relationship, but you have an overwhelming need to be loved. You are in many ways clever, affectionate and compassionate. Your skill to see underneath external impressions and your flexibility to change enables you to formulate new ways of understanding. Once you conquer self-doubt, there is little you cannot achieve and the only enemy on the path to success will be you. Isaac Newton, the innovative physicist and mystic, was a Capricorn-Cancer. Your memory is remarkable as is your sharp wit. You are direct and outspoken in pointing out details including ones that escape even the keenest observer.

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