Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Capricorn Moon signs produces a very serious individual indeed. Saturn, ruling Capricorn, is a restricting influence, a taskmaster, and an overseer. When both the Sun and Moon are positioned in this sign, the personality is a little on the heavy side. Although you are likely to have a heart of gold, your nature is somewhat rigid and unbending.

You demand realism, truth and facts, rejecting anything that is superficial or frivolous. Ambition is powerful and self-control is almost a fetish. There is a good deal of character associated with this placement, although you can be single-minded in achieving your goals and ambitions. Reliability is the key, as you are ever dependable, and people can depend on you doing exactly what you say you are going to do. You are not one to settle for second best no matter how hard it seems to be first and best.

You are not a humanitarian by nature, and it can almost be said that your drive for power and status make you self-centered and perhaps even a little selfish. There is a cold, hard, invulnerable streak in you that resists personal associations, even as you know how to appeal to others in a general sense.

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You are quite a solemn person. You give off a wise image and you are somewhat introverted and pensive; indeed, common sense is one of your greatest assets. You seem to have an awareness that goes beyond space and time. You are mostly respected and admired because others see great maturity in you. You most likely recall a lot of rules and regulations, and not much love and affection when you reflect on your childhood. Very early in life too, you doubtless had to accept a lot of responsibility, which stopped you from having as much fun as other kids. This is possibly one cause of why you have a somewhat discontented attitude.

For you, life is a permanent struggle and, as a result, you can be cold and very cunning. The lack of the support and acceptance you required as a child almost certainly drove you to prove yourself to the rest of the world because of the burden of your early responsibilities. You are resolute to triumph over whatever reverses you encounter in life and very ambitious as well. Your combination implies tremendous inner strength, determination, and resolve. Your material success is rarely accompanied by emotional satisfaction, but your rise in the world is methodic.

You are never happy with your achievements and you always want more standing, more reputation, and more riches. Your challenge is to have greater concern and human compassion. Do not let a career substitute for love or be an option to everything else in life. Expand and try to appreciate others instead of applying power or position to guard yourself from others. Furthermore you should attempt to be more understanding and unbiased in your dealings with others. Your stubbornness is mesmerizing and when you meet opposition you do so head on, overcoming your adversaries with level-headedness and sometimes callousness.

You are always well prepared and your mind is reasonable and accurate. Your credo is effectiveness and the strength of perception intrinsic to your combination can be centered, creative endeavors. You have a magnificent sense of humor, although very imaginative and generally serious. Consequently, you have a dry liking for the darker and satirical sides of life. Most double Capricorns are attracted to well planned, ordered professions. You are at ease when risk taking is at a minimum and when you have rules to follow which makes you well suited for corporate or bureaucratic positions.

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