Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Gemini

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Gemini Moon signs produces a very mentally ambitious personality. You are likely to be very studious and interested in developing your talent for self-expression in respect to writing or public speaking. A lot of mental curiosity keeps you alert to new ideas and simulates your interest in learning. The Gemini Moon makes you flexible, versatile, and adaptable. This shows up mostly in your mental quickness; you are such a fast learner, swiftly assimilating impressions and ideas and making quick decisions.

Your variable nature is also shown by the number of times you change your mind, your opinions, and your ideas. You are always so clever, never at a loss for words and this is the talent you can really build a reputation on. A good planner and organizer, you have much personal ingenuity and inventiveness producing a constant stream of new ideas and methods. Your talent in all forms of self-expression may guide you to some type of work that involves writing, or in the field of advertising.

With you outwardly glib, witty and clever personality, it’s surprising that you are really rather serious, practical and ambitious. In fact, at times, you worry a bit too much and allow anxieties to assume an undue proportion. Then you can be volatile and buoyant and act as though you didn’t have a care in the world. Emotionally, you are a puzzle to yourself and certainly to those around you; inwardly sound, reliable, and practical, outwardly, changeable and contradictory.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You are a thinker and you have a broad range of interests, which lead you to forever try new ideas and theories. Putting some of those novel ideas into practice is probably a strong desire for you. You want to advance in the world like all Capricorns, and fortunately for you, you have the aptitude to do that. You know how to plan, because you are bright as well as philosophical, so on the way up the ladder, no one will get in your way. In addition you love to learn new things. In actuality, that calm and traditional persona is a very agitated and self-determining individual even though you may seem rather predictable.

You are lively and versatile. Capricorns are always aware of their own minds, even with the frequent changes. You are likely to wander far and wide because of your longing for variety and innovation. God for you is knowledge. Although tradition and old values are things you have an enduring admiration for, you are always searching for new means of thought. It is a rare Capricorn-Gemini that can sit still for any period and internal restlessness keeps you moving. You are not particularly good at concentrating. You find it very hard to focus your abilities no matter how smart you are.

You should try cultivating a steady point of view and directing your knowledge in one direction. You become perplexed and are never certain what to do when faced with a very emotional situation. Instant explanations can be a way of handling your sudden rush of feelings. Be careful not to over-intellectualize. Occasionally allow yourself to be influenced by passion. You are a hard worker like all Capricorns, and your vocation is too often allowed precedence over everything else in life. Even when thinking about a holiday weekend, you can have nothing but work on your mind.

In the final analysis, you may have difficulty deciding where you stand because your interests are so diverse and you are so open to any new theory. After you have tapered down your involvements and activities, you are able to achieve success. Doing things too quickly is another issue for the Capricorn- Gemini. Impatience is the problem. You get puzzled when your labors do not reward you immediately. You want applause right now and seek instant satisfaction and acknowledgment. You may end up assigning responsibility to dutiful underlings because you are in such a hurry to get where you are want to go. Detachment is part of your character.

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