Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Leo

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Moon in Leo signs produces an individual designed to be in charge. You have a vigorous and vital personality capable of great popularity and of much success in the world. You are a very self-sufficient person, and somewhat aristocratic in your demeanor; a sort of aloofness and detachment that makes you seem important even before you are.

You possess a charisma that allows you to work things out for your benefit without making a big display or adamant demands. You know how to be assertive and diplomatic at the right times and in the right manner. You may want power and position, but you go about getting these in a quiet, cool and collected way. You believe in yourself and know how to translate your belief to others.

You like to be the leader in any undertaking because you usually feel that you are the one most qualified to run the show. You are a very down-to-earth person, a materialist. The abstract, the philosophic, or the visionary, hold little interest for you. Emotionally, you are ardent although not exactly warm-hearted. Emotions are not likely to ever interfere with duty and responsibility.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

While young, you were perhaps very idealistic, somewhat inexperienced, and drawn to social and compassionate causes. However, as you grew older and more calculating, you no doubt sacrificed some of your ideals in order to get the standing, comfort, and status you felt you merited. The pursuit of supremacy for some Capricorn-Leos can become a fixation. You always have the feeling that you are naturally better than other people, and you only feel satisfied when you are the boss. You are a lot more demonstrative and friendly than other Capricorns and you can be very successful.

You have a good appreciation of yourself and your skills and are a determined individual. Others will react to your charisma, magnetism, and resolve and they admire you because you have self-respect. You have pride and dignity, and want the notice and adulation your ego requires. Very splendid and lofty ideals come from your Leo Moon. This combination can with easily result in a despot or a possible tyrant. A good example of this side of a Capricorn-Leo is Mao Tse-tung. Your approach towards others is often condescending, and some may even consider you egotistical.

Your ideal is loyalty and after someone has won your confidence, you become concerned, affectionate, and kind to him or her. You can be cruel, cold, and calculating to those who are disloyal to that trust. Insults or slight insults to your vanity or self-esteem are often met with out of proportion fury. Your primary concern is maintaining self-respect and decorum. Extreme pride can be your Waterloo. You have the aptitude to renew yourself, and achieve anything you really desire. But first you must learn to curb your arrogance and vanity. You inspire others simply with your presence.

You are an idealist by nature, and your sunny appeal and enjoyable humor can brighten the darkest heart. Everything you do has a special stamp of innovation. The dramatic is your signature. Strong creative drives are part of a Leo Moon. There are occasions when you are mistaken even though you are wise and intuitive. However you will never acknowledge it. Because you believe you are always correct and know what is best for you and those you know, you almost never find the middle ground. You have to attempt to become more supple. Obstinacy undermines those goals you set for yourself and inflexibility will only get you into difficulties. If you do not let your ego get in the way, you are capable of magnificent achievements. Your ultimate strength is willpower.

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