Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Libra

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Libra Moon signs produces a personality that is drawn in two opposite directions. The nature of Capricorn is highly disciplined and cautious, while Libra is rash and impulsive. What tends to result is a rather positive persona, with a sort of inspirational faith in your own infallibility, a bit the eccentric at times, but generally a very amiable individual. You like people, but the driving force in your nature may be more material than humanitarian.

You are not very romantic, and there is a detachment about you that belies your real need for people. You are extremely social, and like to have people around you, but at the same time, you do not warm up to them very quickly; you are somewhat proud, a bit suspicious, and as a result, you remain aloof. You have a talent for mixing socially, however, and for getting along well with your superiors using a tact and diplomacy that assures progress in business interests. You capitalize in business, or in a profession, on persuasiveness and a friendly attitude of diplomacy. You very much dislike direct conflict or hostile situations, and your instinct to do the right thing to preserve peace and order is generally appreciated by all.

Your talents also feature the ability to exercise sound and impartial judgment, especially in a business environment; the ability to mentally balance things, criticize and compare. There is a certain mental foresight that lets you see the flaws in plans before they become reality and cause problems. This well-balanced mentality is well backed by serious purpose and thoughtfulness, a desire to get ahead and assume responsibility. Maintaining balance and equilibrium can prove to be the key to your success and happiness. Your interests in business are enhanced by your ability to win others to your point of view by persuasiveness and utter charm.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

You continually search for serenity and somehow you feel those around you can work out the complicated puzzle of your being. You are persistently active, romantically as well as socially, and always seeking some club, philosophy, or individual that will give the inner balance you crave so much. You may constantly have your heart broken in your mission, becoming disenchanted and maybe even bitter as you learn that others cannot always live up to your expectations. You may seem hard, detached, and determined, but deep inside lies a kind, understanding, and very benevolent person.

You are a very responsive and optimistic Capricorn, but not as astute as most Capricorns, and your faith in people is so great that it might be a problem. It is only within yourself that true harmony and peace of mind can come. Rather than looking for it elsewhere, try putting some confidence in yourself. Learn to appreciate who you are, and build up a more independent outlook. Your combination has a conflict resulting from strong personal aspirations and Libra’s desire to be loved and valued. Even if it is at the expense of your own happiness, you want to see everyone be happy.

You are also a little shy about putting yourself forward or giving expression to your ideas and aspirations. You have strong creative needs and a sophisticated aesthetic sense, but for the Capricorn-Libra wisdom rests in self-contemplation and courage; the courage to let your excellent Capricorn strength realize your ideas. You are inclined to idealize your partner and you are very romantic. Make your relationship one that is sensible and healthy because they are extremely important to you.

In addition to material qualities in a partner, look for spiritual qualities as well, when choosing a person who intends to remain with you. Always have self-confidence. You act as though someone was watching you, ready to strike and punish you for such assumptions. Eventually you may be very let down in yourself because your fears may cause you to suppress your ambitions. Oddly enough, you are afraid you will infringe on people if you press on too far. Affirmation instead of self-renunciation is your challenge in life. A self- defeatist attitude can smother your artistic urges if you are not careful.

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