Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Pisces Moon sign is harmonious and interesting. You have a receptive temperament and you’re strongly influenced by outside impressions and environment. You mix a very practical, serious and ambitious side, with a somewhat restless and variable personality. It may be hard, sometimes, for you to exhibit the firmness and steady purpose so often attributed to Capricorn.

Often this is overshadowed by a sentimental and sympathetic touch to your nature. You have an intuitive insight that makes you very aware of the feelings of others. You have a rather serious and penetrating interest in life, and to you, most issues seem to have depth and complexity. Honest and trustworthy, you would never resort to trickery or deceit.

You are thorough in your work and eager to know all you can about a variety of things. Your nature is very humanitarian and you are likely to be much less materialistic than many fellow Capricorn natives. In personal relationships, you need to exercise discrimination, overcoming a somewhat passive tendency that makes you susceptible to the influences of others.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Pisces: Wizard of Oz You have many dreams along with the will, practicality, and drive to give form and structure to your goals. You are very career conscious like all Capricorns, and you will work hard to reach some of those ambitions. However, kindness and compassion stop you from resorting to the hostile or immoral behavior, which too often go together with success. On the outside you may be calm, isolated, and unapproachable, but deep within is a very emotional, extremely insightful, and quite perceptive person. You are quite a sensitive Capricorn.

That hard facade is just your way of protecting yourself from being hurt. You feel it important to guard your emotions like all sensitive and vulnerable people. Your strength is your imagination. Your ascent in the world will be slow but sure and you will always take care not to hurt others. Common to the Capricorn-Pisces are unnecessary guilt and confusion. You are very considerate and feel obliged to take care of any minor offense on your part, even if it is imaginary. You have a very active imagination. You have the managerial and practical abilities of Capricorn as well as the metaphysical understanding and lyrical inspiration of Pisces.

You are able to move toward things with imagination and suppleness, although you are a practical person. Your compassionate persuasions may draw you to a political or spiritual destination or your understanding and sense are conductive to a creative or artistic vocation. Business and economic speculation are possible because of your uncanny instincts. You may feel a bit guilty about your aspirations, but success is important to you. Moreover, you have an inclination to take on the moods and mental issues of those near you, so it is vital that you connect with people who give you emotional balance and support, and avoid individuals who may be harmful to your emotional health.

You are devastatingly aware of grief and misfortune in the world, and have strong selfless and compassionate feelings. You have a rather gloomy and melancholy viewpoint, which gives you an attraction to the darker side of life. You never have any self-pity, but rather you are inclined to repress your feelings of remorse. You tune into things at such a profound level that sorrow is often the emotion you feel most powerfully. You have a lot of promise, however.

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