Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Sagittarius Moon signs produces a high-powered physical and mental person. Your energies, at times, seem boundless. This is a strange pairing of strict discipline with bold enthusiasm and idealism. The openness and outgoing attitude that Moon in Sagittarius brings is a fine complement to the often morose and easily depressed nature of Capricorn, producing a somewhat worldly-wise personality that handles self and others with the greatest of ease. You love the camaraderie of getting together with the gang, becoming involved in a multiplicity of interests and activities. But success and attainment in life may depend on development of concentration and encouragement of staying power in maintaining your drive and purpose.

You are a traveler at heart, and your restless nature has a need to be on the go all the time, either physically or mentally. With the enthusiasm you naturally possess, reckless expenditure of energies can be a problem. You do have a lot of ambition, and you can be both political and direct in going after your objectives; diplomatic or shrewd, as well as frank and sincere. Using either approach, you are instinctively honest and truthful. You are a very expressive person with high ideals and a keen sense of values. A good mentality and quick wit give you a way with words. The development of this ability can be a major key to success. You must be aware that your words do have impact on others, especially the sensitive types who you may offend with your very direct speech.

Although you are a broad and inclusive person with strong humanitarian instincts, in many ways you are a little picky when it comes to friends and close relationships. You insist that those you associate with be intellectually compatible, and when you find yourself in the company of people you consider intellectually inferior, you are not at all comfortable. Companionship is very important to you, but intellect is usually placed ahead of sentiment. This is a very powerful and achievement oriented combination. It is one in which enthusiasm blended with serious purpose and realistic understanding of values, can assure a great deal of success.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

Although you are subject to intermittent periods of depression and sadness, you never lose your basic sense of humor. Your witty, casual comments always hit the target. You are probably the most balanced of any of the Sun-Moon-combinations. You have a wide range of activities and projects. Your profession has to be inside an organized and conventional structure like most Capricorns, but your Sagittarian inner aspect desires adventure and excitement. The Sagittarius part of you is liberal, creative, and freedom loving, while your Capricorn is resolute, determined and somewhat distant.

You have both the resolve and the intelligence to achieve a great deal and you set long-term goals for yourself. Your allure and casual manner enthrall people. You are much less reserved, and much more sociable, than other Capricorns. You also enjoy having a good time, but are a serious and goal-oriented individual. You appear removed, but it does not require much to bring out your ironic smile. It is critical that your job be fulfilling as well as it enhances your prestige, because you are very aware of social standing. You must have the liberty to do what you want to because you value your personal freedom. Never happy unless you are the boss, your willpower and intelligence typically take you right to the pinnacle.

Your mind is rational, well organized and sensible, but insight is one of your utmost gifts. You go through impulsive and across-the-board moods as do all Moon in Sagittarius people. You can quickly become an impetuous and adventurous drifter right after being serious and determined for a while. There are times when your moods and visions carry you away and induce you to forget your plans. To direct some of that impatience and inquisitiveness, you need a lot of distraction and external activity. Your need to travel is virtually a requirement for your emotional stability.

You respect tradition while you try to see tomorrow’s needs and thus you are the perfect long-term planner. You have a learned and philosophical aura. Perhaps while young you were troubled and had it difficult, but you still acquired a strong intellectual curiosity. You love to experiment with theoretical concepts and analysis. Thus, philosophy attracts you because you want to find truth and a perfect structure with which to manage your life. You would never partake of callous behavior in your search for status and esteem because you are very ethical.

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