Sun in Capricorn — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Capricorn Sun and Virgo Moon signs produces a somewhat reserved personality, but one that is well concealed by the pleasant and outstanding image that is shown to the world. You bluff the appearance of being sure of yourself and your purposes. Actually, you have a great deal of difficulty making decisions and your self-assurance is very thin indeed. You progress best in activities in which the rules of the game are well established and decisions play a minimal part in the evaluation of success.

You are well-endowed mentally, possessing a logical, systematic, analytical and discriminating mind. Your strong point is in analysis or analytical criticism, as you seek to build up a strictly rational foundation of thought. You control feelings and emotions with an iron grip. In all emotional matters you’re careful and controlled. Much of the time you are content to be pretty much a loner. You are not an easy person to talk to or to live with because you are so aloof, reserved, and cautious.

Academically you may be outstanding, especially when it comes to facts and realities. Perhaps not so when it comes to theories and hypotheses. A precocious knack for grasping facts may aim the focus of your life toward scholarly pursuits, and your real strength come out when you are allowed to focus your capacity for concentration on a single objective.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You struggle to get as much status and power as possible to compensate for those fears. Your greatest pleasure comes from the admiration and prestige your work provides, so like all Capricorns, you are very career minded. You are very responsible and you are not really happy until you have plenty of power. You have the resolve to conquer any barrier and incredible determination and inner strength. Logical, thrifty, and cautious Virgo in your combination links up with determined, resolute, and careerminded Capricorn.

Your strength is cold, hard logic and you are a person with no illusions. You see things precisely as they are because you are a total pragmatist. Fantasies are a waste of time in your book. Instead of dreaming, you plan and are practical and efficient. Deep inside you most likely feel vague fears or indecision even though you appear rough, detached, and even a little cold. You also have fantastic powers of attentiveness and quite a mind. You are astute and calculating and know how to convince people of things, but for a lot of Capricorn-Virgos, winning becomes an end in itself. Participate in all the wonders of life, including the romantic and the religious. Do not allow your job and status to be an obsession.

All Moons in Virgo people are picky, but your criticisms are frequently directed at yourself. Simply trying to accept yourself is the challenge for you. Your combination is perfectly fitted for managerial and leadership roles. Your rational and shrewd mind is ideal for academic activities. After you put your mind to something, you will be content until you have mastered it completely. A stable and equal relationship is important to your psychological well-being, but you are not exceptionally romantic.

You are actually quite a sensitive person no matter how removed and cool you try to be. Do not try to deny or hide that sensitivity by taking on a role that is at odds with your true nature. Neurosis or self-destructive behavior can result from the fear of actual or imagined failings in life. You despise the idea of having any weaknesses. Capricorn-Virgos are never content. Regardless of how successful you are in life, something in you always tells you that you have not gone far enough. Try to have a little more sympathy for yourself because we all have limitations. Refrain from dwelling on those tiny imperfections you are you always think you have.

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