Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Aquarius

People with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Aquarius are very unusual to achieve their goal. Their systematic way is inspired by intuition. They see new paths, but they rarely enter. They give themselves time to check, and if the road really promises to cut, they follow it. There are new ideas and old tried and tested recipes.

The new is thoroughly checked, and as they give it the necessary time and do not allow themselves to be adjusted — in the end time is saved. This is the secret of this character. Surrounding it seems that Capricorns with the ascendant in Aquarius are moving forward in jerks, but they do not see systematic progress. Nothing coming to them is rejected, but nothing is taken hastily and contradictory.

The fanatics of the new break their teeth against them, the true inventors will get here in the best hands, their patents, after the evaluation they receive a proper evaluation. Their environment is constantly changing. When buying a car, they consider all the novelties, but buy a reliable tested model. However, they are already looking for a new type to buy it in four years, when it will be tested by others.

So they never give up land, and on their balcony grow local flowers, although they love and exotic. Children they also bring up according to established tried and tested rules, although they are excitedly discussing new methods of upbringing, will be useful for grandchildren.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

At the first acquaintance you seem humane, caring and reasonable. Although we do not deny this, it is also true that when another person seeks direct warmth and participation in you, usually he is disappointed. Your heart belongs to the whole world, and it is not easy for an individual to conquer it. To penetrate your external restraint and equanimity, it takes time, and not everyone will succeed.

You are ready to reveal yourself to your friends, although in a rather dry manner. The manifestation of emotions on the part of others makes you feel uncomfortable. You use logic to decide what you need to do, and only then begin to act. The Sun in Capricorn means that at times you feel an urgent need to be alone, which acts on you beneficially, since secrecy is an integral part of your nature.

Try not to be so alienated. Your father has to do with commerce, farming or raising livestock. For him, there is a danger of a divorce from your mother, after which he will live abroad.

Dark Side of the Sign

Although you loudly declare your concern for world problems, you do not move a finger to help friends or neighbors. In fact, you are only waiting for the whole world to die of hunger, destroy yourself or destroy it. You are rarely bored with bad news, and you carefully study the newspapers in search of another sad news. People avoid your society, and you can not understand why. If the incredible happens, and you get tired of trying to find signs of the end of the world, you can always pour your melancholy with wine to calm the tense nervous system. You look like an ordinary person, but such a bore!

Love and Family

Your love relationships are based on friendship and cooperation. You tend to choose lovers on the same principles as friends, and as a life partner you are attracted to people who are alien to pettiness. You are restless and will try to avoid marriage as long as possible. But if you decide to commit yourself, you will be a faithful and loving spouse and, most likely, keep affection for your partner until old age. Your spouse can come from a good family or have a profession related to art. You will have few children, maybe twins, and they will bring a lot of trouble into your life and even some danger. The firstborn will require special care before his birth and in the first two years of life. You will travel a lot in the family.

Career and Money

You can succeed, working behind the scenes, in the field of occult research or the secret methods of experimental science. You have a dramatic or musical talent, literary abilities. Getting an inheritance can bring you some difficulties. You will make long trips related to finance, business, property, father affairs, or carrying out any assignments. Your profession will be somewhat of a secret nature. It can be associated with chemical research, working for the government or as a detective.

Health and Immunity

Fresh air is extremely useful to you, especially when you are unwell. You are prone to illnesses associated with impurities of blood, slow blood circulation, as well as with injuries that damage the ankles and calves. However, in general, you have good health.

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