Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Aries

The person with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Aries refers to the outside world somewhat unnaturally, constantly tense, always alert, as if something should stand on his ambitious path. They often attack before anything touches them; They are able to weigh, but their temperament entrains.

If others feel this constant readiness for defense, and at the same time they feel an ambitious nucleus, they are armed; The result may be scorched earth. But this character is a chain, so that they stand even this test, for they possess strength and patience. This, however, is not felt by their behavior, it seems that they will not last long; In reality everything is just the opposite.

Capricorns with an ascendant in Aries renew their power through concentration and inner stamina, which can also lead to utmost stinginess. It should be noted a deep approach to important life issues, although their knowledge is manifested in the external world only as a confident knowledge of the path. This character should be aware that they themselves stand on their own way because of their temperament in relation to the environment.

If they begin to use this temperament purposefully, they will become almost invulnerable; But they manage to do it two or three times in life. But all this — in order to reach the top. Achievement is their principle; But they should learn to wait until the necessary forces come. But they have reserves that allow them to overcome all the challenges and survive.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

The nature of rising Aries — a pioneer, combined with the ambition of Capricorn, gives a person who can achieve great achievements in life. You are a born leader and, of course, strive for success, and the only obstacle in your path may be your inclination to start projects, but not to bring them to the end. Overcoming this temptation, you will undoubtedly reach the peaks in your chosen profession.

You can be very patient, especially in everyday matters. When everything goes as you expected, you seem cordial, hospitable and full of life. But it’s just amazing how you can be cruel when you get across the road or you fail. Probably, in the family you were the only child. As a child, you had problems caused by turmoil in the life of your parents. Relatives do not particularly favor you, and the relationship in the family is somewhat strained.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are constantly experiencing yourself, throwing your life a challenge. You enthusiastically undertake to overcome a new obstacle, but when problems arise, you exit the game with the same rapidity with which you started it. Your biggest problem is that you absolutely want to get everything from life, but it seems to you that it will be easy and simple. You can not understand that solving life’s problems requires perseverance and attention, and in you there is as much endurance as in a snowflake, enthusiasm — as in a child just beginning to walk, and cynicism as much as if you are already five hundred years old. Until you learn to search the whole grain of common sense, you are doomed to make miserable not only yourself, but others.

Love and Family

Love and friendship occupy a large place in your life, and you invest in these relationships all the fervor and passion of your soul. No one can be more sincere and cordial than you, when you want to show your feelings, although this can bring you misfortune. You probably marry early and hurriedly, and then you will regret it. Probation of a lawsuit is about divorce. In general, this combination of signs does not give a person great fertility. Children will be little or not at all. You prefer to spend your energy on work.

Career and Money

You will be a good manager or administrator. You are ambitious, but you will encounter many difficulties on the way to success. Fortune will smile at you, and you will receive material benefits through property and, perhaps, through marriage. You will often change your place of residence, since it is difficult for you to live long in one place. Perhaps you will make long trips abroad. Note, although achieving a high position in life is possible for you, you can quickly lose it if you are not extremely circumspect. You can make not only a civilian, but also a military career and gain fame through a brave deed or having set off on a journey. You have many loyal friends who give you great support.

Health and Immunity

You have very good health, but you need to control the waste of energy. You have a very hard and responsible job, but you should trust your colleagues more and transfer some of your duties to them, rather than throwing all your work on your shoulders. You are prone to inflammation of the internal organs, injuries to the hands, eyes and feet, as well as migraine attacks, which can be caused by an allergy.

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