Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Cancer

The character of a man with the Sun in Capricorn and the ascendant in Cancer reveals meekness and humility to those around him. People born under this sign do not even suspect what energy is in them. They are very ambitious, and although they behave discreetly, but when others are asleep, they work and study. In relation to the partner, there is always a certain tension.

The partner is taken seriously, but as far as possible keeps in the shade; Because a pearl can cause envy! In contrast, sometimes they show themselves sensitive, mentally sensitive, terribly serious in everyday life. Tasks must be performed, tests - withstood, — this requires the mind, this is required by their vital core, the subconscious asks for rest and joy.

This duality manifests itself in relation to others. In order not to get out of their role, they adjust and work quietly, so they often get a reputation for intrigues. They are not such, they just do not want to frighten away others, they want peace but study. Often they systematically suppress their emotional reactions; When it comes to business. Neighbors do not recognize them, and almost unconsciously they fall into the role of eccentrics.

Capricorns with an ascendant in Cancer measure others by their own measure, which others do not fit. However, it happens that they, unrecognized, mingle with the crowd in order to hear the so-called "true opinion". They slowly develop and slowly gain respect.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

A person born under this combination of signs loves to help and patronize other people. His love is more maternal (paternal) than the other signs. You know how to take and give, and you can achieve great success by working in pairs. The past always lives in you, and your tastes gravitate toward tradition. You are resolute and persevering: God helps the one who tries to take from you something that belongs to you. You are practical and in every act you follow the common sense, which you have in abundance. But when your emotions turn on, then it goes to the background. You are a complex person — not someone who gets upset, seeing that people are puzzled by his words or deeds.

You are gifted with a rich imagination that allows you to dive into unusual situations and adventures with pleasure. You are very good at adapting to people. You can be bold or timid, depending on the circumstances: you are usually timid in the face of real danger, but are brave in views and opinions. Despite the fact that you are very attached to your brothers and sisters, you can get closer to the offspring, because in your own do not find peace of mind.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a supersensitive dreamer living in the past. You are viewing life from the outside of their desires rather than being guided by real facts. You are a true collector, collect everything, regardless of the degree of suitability of things, even the old train tickets you will cherish forever. Sure, you have a reason why you keep them, but you can not remember what it is. In the apartment your family has to make its way through a heap of different stuff, and if some households have Virgo, it probably already had a nervous breakdown. You are also not able to give up your outdated ideas or adapt to changing living conditions. You really care about your family, but it can result in the fact that your loved ones will descend on you crazy and will disappear from your life. But it is likely that you will be so absorbed by viewing their pictures in the old school album, That you will not even notice it.

Love and Family

You are very sensitive and love home life more than anything else, but you are demanding too much for your chosen one, and this creates obstacles in creating a family. Although every new connection ends in disappointment, you need for friendship and affection constantly makes you look for new acquaintances. Marriage will give you little happiness, so you should approach it with all caution. Children will bring problems, although the older child will succeed in the field of medicine, chemistry or art and will enjoy a good reputation in its field of activity. But when you grow old, children will be your best support.

Career and Money

You can very well succeed working with a partner, as well as an agent or manager. You are very good at compiling old material and presenting it as new. You strive for wealth and position in society, and success can expect you to work in public organizations, as well as in those areas where the ability to negotiate. There is a possibility that you will inherit money and property. Perhaps, in your youth your life is not particularly successful, but with time, success will certainly come to you. Friends, especially women, give you support, including financial support. Prepare yourself for the fact that your full life change will be accompanied by many ups and downs. Beware of becoming a victim of slander.

Health and Immunity

Most of your ailments is a consequence of indulging your whims, love of sweet and good wines. You should pay enough attention to your diet. Possible diseases of the breast and stomach. In old age you can suffer from rheumatism and sciatica. A state of anxiety can cause digestive problems, which in turn can lead to blood pressure problems. The inclination to always expect the worst does not do you good.

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