Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Capricorn

The character of a man with the Sun in Capricorn and the ascendant in Capricorn is tenacious and with great patience interferes with the surrounding. They are single-minded and know the value of small steps. They act sparingly, imperceptibly, but firmly and ambitiously. They pass by them, almost not paying attention to them; But if you ever had to deal with them, you will never forget them, they are remembered.

Capricorns with an ascendant in Capricorn support the experiencing distance, and hate the need to move it. They want to be independent, which ultimately means that they do not want to give up anything of their own. They are treasurers, like King Lauren. Wherever possible, they appeal to reason, so as not to be emotionally dependent.

But they work with restraint and concentration. Unresolved riddles they solve, but if it turns out that it was a joke, they get angry. Easter fortune-telling, they find ridiculous; On this earth there are things much more important. So these are not the people who could be a decoration of society on a festive evening; But they are partners on which you can rely.

Many consider them to be cold ambitious people, but they just want to work, work hard. Frivolity they know, but they reject it. It seems that they have already experienced everything; But they again and again amaze the people around, having built, for example, one night a house in a swamp. They also reject prestige, although they need recognition and in this respect it is easy for them. But they take it as a praise!

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

Such a determined, determined and committed person, as you undoubtedly deserve exceptional success. But even if this is true, other aspects of life will sometimes differ in complete disorganization, since you pay little attention to your personal life. It seems that money for you is a deity, although in the end you realize that in life it is not the main thing. Why be a millionaire if there is no one with whom you could share your wealth?

Do not hide your tenderness and kindness. You need friends and you can be a wonderful companion, but can you afford to mix work and pleasure? No wonder that sometimes you fall into a state of depression. Your slogan is foresight, and when the course of action is determined, you are extremely persistent.

You have many brothers and sisters who often bring to your life many difficulties and troubles. Relatives compete with each other, and with them are some secret misfortunes. As a child, you did not have a strong health, but with age, a person born under this combination of signs becomes stronger.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are one of those people who can, walking along the beach in the hottest country, tremble with the cold. Your emotions are suppressed, although you are not to blame for this. You shoulder all world sorrow on your shoulders, although your guilty facial expression is simply the result of a hangover. Before interfering in the affairs of others, you should settle your own problems. People do not really need your help or your advice. Sometimes choose a time to go somewhere to have fun. You consider any event as a means to secure your interests or as a chance to get drunk before feeling insensible at someone else’s expense. You are a careerist and a snob, but not hopeless.

Love and Family

Under the mask of restraint lies a nature capable of great love, but too discriminating. You need a partner who can comfort in trouble and show the bright side of life, as well as share your ambitious aspirations. Some people born under this combination of signs are hostile to marriage, and others may marry early and repeatedly. In any case, love relationships are subject to sudden fatal changes. If you have two marriages, one of the spouses will turn out to be a very rich man. Your ambitions and position in life are related to the opposite sex, which will greatly affect your career. You have few children, and you put great hopes on them, which can oppress them. You must realize the fact that your children are not your continuation.

Career and Money

You are attracted by the power that can lead you into politics or business. You will make a good leader or a wonderful freelancer. Your desire to succeed is overwhelming, but even if you come to remarkable results, you will still feel unhappy. You get your way slowly, step by step and, in the end, leave behind the more successful competitors at first glance. Although success for you is of paramount importance, do not forget to pay attention to other aspects of life.

Health and Immunity

Your propensity for anxiety and depression can bring you to illness. Probably, you have a very sensitive stomach, which requires vigilant attention. Although the goat is known for its omnivorousness, you refrain from such nonsense. You are also prone to infections due to hypothermia, rheumatism (especially knee joints, shoulders and hands), constipation, colic and flatulence. You are not prone to injury, but in case of accidents, your sensitive knees first suffer. But no matter what, you will live a long and not sullied life.

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