Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Gemini

People with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Gemini are economical in spending power, because they know that the way of life is long. If they are somewhat hasty and forced to return, they put up with it, unless it takes them away from the goal. They surprisingly persistently and quickly win high positions, or, more likely, create important positions for significant positions.

Having taken up the post, they surround it with some importance that appeals to all, so everyone is surprised how this world used to do without such a post. Capricorns with an ascendant in Gemini will not allow anyone to knock themselves out of their saddles; They guard their position with compelling words and in concentrated concise documents.

Although many of their actions seem initially useless and even pointless, they believe in the importance of what they do, and they always serve it in the right light. But they are also good deceivers, because they know how to hide to what purpose they keep the course. They say little about it, what amazes employees. They suddenly win positions, leaving the opponent with a nose.

They know how to distract the enemy in such a way that they finally wake up and start to rub their eyes in surprise. Having reached the position to which they aspired, they then very willingly give in to the young; They know how to keep well; They have more endurance than it may seem.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

Astrological books do not tire of telling you how decisive you are, practical and strong. There is a certain amount of truth in this, but the Gemini makes you more flexible and sociable than the typical Capricorn. The energy in you is plentiful, and you are always in motion. You have a very moving and inquisitive mind, like discussions and exchange of opinions. Communication for you is of paramount importance. You are inquisitive, always want to know why. Although you do not get bored in your own society, most of all you like to be among people, especially to communicate with old friends.

Your propensity for flirting can lead to complications in a love relationship, but this is exactly what you need, because you think it’s better than boredom. Although you easily fall into anger, cool down, immediately apologize. You are very sociable, like to talk, especially on your favorite topics, but do not impose your views on others. There are many reasons for arguing in your family, and it’s hard for you to get on with your father. Basically you are the cause of your failures. Your fortune is changeable and largely depends on the representatives of the opposite sex.

Dark Side of the Sign

You hate routine and experience obsessive fear of boredom. This makes you constantly look for novelties, and your interests relate to literally everything. You are capable of concentrating not more than a two-year-old child, so your knowledge is shallow and sketchy, sufficient only to be able to support the conversation. If you feel insolvent, then do not fail to take advantage of the invention. You need success, but it will always be difficult to achieve it. By the time you realize where this desire has brought you, it will be too late, and your relatives will feel all the bitterness of your disappointment. You often finish the fight by drowning your regrets in wine. It’s time for you to get off the highchair and start growing up.

Love and Family

You need a spouse who could share your interests; A person who would not be a homebody and at any time was ready to change the situation. You also need to consider your love for flirting. Your requests are great, and it’s not so easy to find the right pair for you. Many secrets are associated with your love affairs, in which the child may suffer. You can repeatedly marry, perhaps you will get acquainted with a future spouse abroad or marry a foreigner. The opposite sex will cause many troubles, but you yourself have chosen a life full of difficulties. You will have few children, they will succeed in life, and they will succeed in the fine arts.

Career and Money

You can make a good career in big business, in the insurance industry, working with securities or investigating crimes. Your life is accompanied by many ups and downs, you will live in poverty and in wealth. Probably, you will have two professions, although a multiplicity of interests makes you dissolve. Legal or clerical work will be a source of success for you, but in any case, you should take care not to destroy your success with your own hands.

Health and Immunity

Your nervous energy will allow you to endure almost all the tests, but does not stand boredom. You should take care of your health, as a child’s health: a lot of sleep, more often go out into the open air, eat right. There is a chance of getting sick on the trip, especially if you have dark hair. Continuous smoking leads to problems with the lungs. You are also prone to gallbladder disease, fever, poisoning and nervous disorders. But there is not a single disease with which you could not cope with the help of moderation in everything, including nutrition.

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