Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Leo

People with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Leo in their life rely on themselves. Their essence is the aspiration, and the behavior among others around it corresponds. They attach seriousness to their greatness. They give the impression of the philosophers of everyday life, which they want to master.

Their aspiration looks so self-evident that envious persons have only to defend themselves. To many they may seem too serious, but it itself makes an impression. They are economical, almost never wasteful, unless when the top is reached; However, the holiday lasts only one day, in the morning they are already looking out for the next peak.

Capricorns with an ascendant in Leo are able to distribute their forces. They create severe, but fair tests. It is not easy to learn, but if they have received a diploma, they do not have to worry about their work. If something does not go well with their students, they will protect them, reaching the highest levels. They are constantly experiencing themselves, reducing their costs and being economical in gestures and words — because you can do less; In this they set an example.

They are for social justice but with some restrictions, so that the incentive for their own work remains. They are at the mercy of reality, albeit from higher considerations; They do not indulge in blue dreams, but stubbornly move towards their goal.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

The Leo helps to alleviate the heavy load that you carry, being responsible Capricorn. He gives cordiality, generosity and some glimpses of optimism, which sometimes manage to get you out of the oppressed state. Leo also enriches your personality and makes life complete, interesting and socially active. At times, you are inclined to seclusion, but everyone sometimes needs a day off. You are generous, kind, hospitable and popular in your surroundings. But you are also very ambitious, prone to rivalry, very sensitive and touchy. You are determined to succeed and have enough endurance to achieve your goal.

You are not afraid of hard works, but too refined to get your hands dirty. You work unstable: for several days you can work without rest, and then you are suddenly overcome by a terrible laziness. You can be proud and presumptuous, but hate pettiness in any manifestation. As for your family, your father is likely to greatly affect your situation in life. Without his help, you would have had a hard time. You have many friends in the artistic and literary environment, and you are very popular with them.

Dark Side of the Sign

You have exaggerated ideas about your talents and the importance of your person, and you can not stand absolutely no criticism. You suffer from a complex of superiority and, by nature, a terrible snob. You walk with a pompous appearance, full of confidence in the correctness of your judgments and your sexual attractiveness. You can not pass by the mirror without admiring yourself and, it seems, completely ignore the squeezed smiles of those around you. You will always find the reason to justify your failures (usually this is bad luck or someone’s envy) in order to continue living according to the high expectations that you are entrusting to yourself. For God’s sake, look at yourself objectively and reconsider your behavior.

Love and Family

You have a complicated emotional life. Your sensuality is highly developed, you pay much attention to your love affairs and put your whole soul into every romance. Probably, you will marry twice, and the children will appear from both spouses. There will be many children, and some problems will be associated with the elder. You can have twins, especially if your spouse is Aquarius. And for you, and for your children, it is possible to obtain an inheritance.

Career and Money

You can be a very skilled freelancer, especially in the healthcare or services sector. You are gifted with artistic abilities, you love theater and poetry, you can succeed in public service. Security will come to you as a result of your efforts, but also thanks to acquaintances among people who have a good position in society. You can benefit from trade in consumer goods. Your profession will be prestigious and will necessitate a lot of traveling. In general, this combination of signs contributes to success.

Health and Immunity

You have either very strong health, or constantly complain of weakness and malaise. Inharmonious situation, wounded pride and unrequited love can adversely affect your health. Vulnerable organs are the heart, back, and in the later years of life you may suffer from rheumatism and blood disorders. But still, Capricorn gives you a strong body.

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