Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Libra

The character of man with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Libra is a multilateral one — interested in the spiritual, possessing features of artistry, and thus overcoming everyday life. The desire to achieve one’s own takes place, and the charm peculiar to them works attractively.

However, Capricorn’s arrogance is hidden here less than usual, it shines through and causes opposition. They also sometimes allow themselves to be dismissed, and allow unforgivable negligence. At the same time, they encounter difficulties in development. Capricorns with an Ascendant in Libra are attractive to others, but they usually evade, feeling serious.

There is an opinion that they are less cordial than it seems. At the same time, they strive to achieve high goals not only for themselves, but also for the partner. It is important that the other should also work together with him. They seek power not to be dependent, but for the most part do not consume it, it is important for them to master their top. Loneliness turns here into a path together: anyone who wants can join, but society should not grow too much.

Real ideas receive a somewhat spiritual coloring; Art often inspires everyday life. They feel happy when life is shown to them from a friendly side. They do not refuse to take advantage of this, but after a night of enjoyment they feel cheerful when the alarm goes off.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

You are a gentle, polite person, prone to artistry. Maybe you have a little lack of self-confidence, you are very attached to the house, which must be necessarily cozy and beautiful, because you are very sensitive to the environment. Probably, when you were a teenager, your parents encouraged you to find friends outside the family circle, otherwise you could become too big a homebody. You have a subtle taste, but you prefer a traditional style. You are a gourmet, like to enjoy delicious food and fine wines. However, your attitude to money is not quite usual. You work and save, save and work, and then quite unexpectedly yield to the impulse of extravagance or generosity and in one fell swoop spend everything. Getting rid of this mood, you return to your usual prudence, leaving others in perplexity.

You are somewhat lazy, and your style of work is not stable. In the midst of a stormy activity, you suddenly cool down, and no one can make you once again catch fire with enthusiasm. You are a fairly open person, sometimes optimistic, and sometimes full of melancholy. You are exposed to extremes in the manifestation of your moods, are quickly excited, on just as quickly and calm down. You have many brothers and sisters, or many relatives appear after marriage to a person from a large family. Often there are problems in relations with relatives, and the case can even reach the trial. Your father is probably a source of misery and loss for you; He could lose his high position or leave the family when you were still a child.

Dark Side of the Sign

Combine the pessimism and depression of Capricorn with the laziness of Libra, and you will get a person so detached from everything that can only wonder how he still has the energy to live. Apparently, you manage to somehow survive without anyone’s help, but you are that infamous type who likes to poison the life of others. You rarely achieve success, because in any enterprise you will find the reason why it will fail, and do not even try to implement it. You are fatally waiting for obstacles, and when they appear, you are happy to say that this is what you expected. In life there are things that need to be taken for granted. Otherwise, it’s better to go to bed and stay in it for the rest of your life.

Love and Family

Love plays a big role in your life, although for you it is a kind of exciting hunt. You start this hunt at an early age, and anyone who wants to become your life companion will have to constantly ensure that you do not look to the side. Your spouse must constantly show his mind, charm and ingenuity, otherwise he risks losing your location. Your family life will be accompanied by complications, and maybe end in divorce. Your spouse is a fully-fledged person, and you can get an unexpected inheritance from his relatives. You will not have many children, but they will be lucky in life, and they will give you much joy. Probably, children will be the best support in your old age.

Career and Money

You have a lot of imagination and you have abilities in the field of construction or designer. You can also be attracted by the trade of beverages, chemistry, medicine or maritime business. You have a great opportunity to succeed everywhere, where the main element is water. With certainty, you can say that you will suffer losses because of disagreements with a business partner or his death. You should be especially careful when concluding contracts. Whatever you do, your work will be connected with people and will necessitate multiple long trips. Beware of the instability that is following you, and try to postpone something for a rainy day. In the end, you will succeed in your home country or in your hometown.

Health and Immunity

You will always be in good shape if you can keep a sense of proportion. When you are upset, not only your nerves suffer, but the whole body. If you feel tired, you need to find time to relax, watch what you eat and calm your nerves, listening to good music or drawing, for example. Your vulnerable organs are the kidneys, liver and veins, as well as the intestines. But in general, you have almost nothing to worry about.

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