Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Pisces

The character of a person with the Sun in Capricorn and the ascendant in Pisces seems to often deviate from his goal. Many of the temptations encountered on the way to the summit are dangerous for them. They often want to deserve a reward, and they are inferior to this desire. They flare up, being too strictly perceived, or if they are taken into circulation.

Their forces are overestimated. They are impressionable, sensitive, they can not just put themselves in a working column: they are not piece-workers, they have to be handled delicately. But then they are not replaceable, they bring colors to life.

Capricorns with an ascendant in Pisces decorate the working day, brighten the path to the goal. They also try themselves in the game, they often manage speculations with securities. True, they can lose everything again, but they believe they are winning again. Many of their experiments, which they did not finish, the people around them object. They are unaware of the necessity of the fact that life is work, and only then has value.

Let everyone do what they want, but they themselves do not succeed too. They do not forget themselves and do not let themselves be driven, but they wait too long for great happiness, not realizing that it usually consists of little luck. They are not too willing to take risks, they are more indulge in hopes.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

You seem kind, gentle and pleasant person. But anyone who tries to manipulate you or your family will not hesitate to make sure that your nature is like an iron fist in a velvet glove. You are successful in society, but only a fool can think that you can not stand up for yourself just because you prefer to be polite and courteous.

Friendship for you is of great importance, and you are faithful, attentive and caring towards your friends. In addition, although you seem to be a person who avoids making decisions, where you deal with important issues, you weigh everything carefully and do not hesitate to choose the right path. Everyday business you prefer to let it go, believing that such little things do not deserve your attention.

You have many brothers and sisters who give you great support. Parents are not particularly interested in your life, and you can move away from your father. Perhaps the family property will be divided and will not bring you any benefit. Your mother can marry twice.

Dark Side of the Sign

If you paid more attention to your personal or professional life, you would achieve remarkable success. The fact that you are a convinced drunkard, but with indignation reject the cautious assumptions of people that you have problems with alcohol. If you looked around you would realize that there are many other joys in life, except to look into the bottle. No doubt, relatives think you are a terrible person, but in other people, you, unfortunately, cause only laughter. But when alcohol undermines your strength, you will realize that it is no longer funny.

Love and Family

You need a spouse who can provide you with a solid material rear. It should be romantic when you want it, and do not harass you with cavils. You are a connoisseur of life’s goods and have a good sense of humor, but never allow yourself to have fun at someone else’s expense. This combination of signs involves two marriages and a lot of trouble in family life. You may be lucky with your spouse, but not with his relatives. You will receive an inheritance from a representative of the opposite sex. You will have many children, they will be successful in life, they are waiting for a lot of travel and unforeseen changes.

Career and Money

You are able to work perfectly in a small team that performs a single task. If you want, you will achieve a good position and fame in the world of art, science and literature, your works will be successful. You are very active and have many aspirations, which are realized in two cases out of three. You will achieve prosperity through your own efforts, the location of relatives and through travel. You are capable of much, and you will have two classes in life. You will make distant business trips, and you should especially watch your health when you are abroad.

Health and Immunity

Your desire to escape from reality can lead to addiction to alcohol. The fear of being left without a livelihood can also affect your well-being. Diseases, if they will, affect the kidneys, feet or ovaries. You can be injured in the ankles and eyes. Handle with sharp and hot objects. A little common sense will help you to live life in full health.

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