Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Sagittarius

The character of the person with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Sagittarius always connects the ideal goal with real possibilities. They know what can be done, with all their striving toward heaven, they do not give up the earth, touching it with their fingertips. They are for high jumps, but do not work without a strained net.

They do nothing for the sake of sensations, it seems to them stupid and superficial. They are not interested in talking about their rapid success, but they are ready to contribute to the plans that have a practical basis. They are incredulous to shine, but open to new ideas, if they need them. They do not abandon those to whom they promised help, but they also demand such unconditional fidelity in relation to themselves.

Capricorns with an ascendant in Sagittarius do not give up seriousness, they may even follow the test, if the joker keeps his humor in a hopeless situation. These are the bosses who experience the reaction of subordinates when they are drunk; They themselves participate in this, but they know how much they can withstand, they checked it out in advance.

They do not tolerate anyone to look at their personal lives. Personal life is taboo and must remain a secret, although it had nothing to hide. They do not devote too much energy to adventures, because they know well that they can withstand only what they are doing for a long time. And they want to save themselves; Running for short distances they provide to others.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

This Capricorn is more sociable, open and active than other representatives of this sign, but the materialist principle in it is quite obvious. You are stiff and insecure when it comes to your financial interests. You know your own worth and care that your work is valued. You have a passion for accumulation, and it’s hard to imagine that you could resist collecting.

You are very independent and have a developed sense of justice and freedom that spreads not only to yourself, but also to others, enthusiastically speaking on the side of those whose rights are infringed. It’s safe to say that you are fond of sports, preferring the kind that will allow you to experience your stamina. You like to compete and feel like a winner. Usually you are polite and you become bold only in the presence of enemies or when you are forced to defend yourself.

You are always cheerful and active and retain a youthful appearance even in adulthood. In your youth, you are not very happy, probably because of turmoil in relations between parents or because of failures in their affairs. You have several brothers and sisters. Relations with relatives are warm, although secret experiences are associated with your father or father of your spouse, which lead to limitations.

Dark Side of the Sign

It does not matter who you are and how much you earn, you remain an incorrigible snob. You do not need friends, but useful acquaintances. You are even able to marry by calculation. Your mind, like a computer, instantly estimates how much it costs, and how much this person is. Once a person ceases to be useful to you, you immediately throw it out of the circle of your acquaintances. In conversation, you tedious, verbose, boastfully hinting at their connections in high places, and did not pay attention to the cold expression on the faces of those whom you are involved in a conversation. You are so keen on the importance of your person that you do not even notice what impression you make on others. It will end by the fact that people get tired of listening to your old jokes and you just kicked out, and maybe if you are a little bit tongue.

Love and Family

No representative of the opposite sex can trap you. It may seem that you are inferior, but in fact will look for any opportunity to slip away. You need a partner who understands your need for communication and flirting and has the same broad views as you. Probably, you will have two marriages or long ties, and one of the marriages will have an extremely big impact on your situation in life. Marriage will be a hard test for you, so think carefully before accepting the marriage obligations. You will have few children, and between you there will be no good mutual understanding. Probably, when children grow up, you will rarely communicate with them, or at least with one of them. The well-being of your life in marriage will be threatened by ill-wishers, and you should always be on your guard.

Career and Money

You would make a great collector of art and antiques. You are also doing a good job of working on finance, such as banking or accounting. You are smart and quickly perceive new ideas. Your flexible mind allows you to master many sciences. You are fond of theology and devote it to learning a lot of time. In your youth, your life will be full of obstacles, but in maturity, success will come. You probably will have two professions. Friends will always support you. At some point, a woman who has weight in society will enter your life, and her intervention in your affairs will turn out to be timely and successful. Your career will be long and fruitful.

Health and Immunity

In general, you have good health, but excess activity negatively affects your nervous system. Sports activities allow you to keep yourself in good shape, and the only danger to your health can arise if you stop practicing active rest. Vulnerable organs are the throat, ears and bronchi. In old age, you may suffer from rheumatism, sciatica and varicose veins. You will live to a very old age, if you observe extreme circumspection to avoid accidents.

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