Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a man with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Scorpio reveals to the surrounding people inconceivable personal ambition, these are the most convinced creatures who see in life only one meaning — to be ahead all the time, even on the smallest. They strive for their goal seriously and decisively, and it is so obvious that others are yielding to them already at the start.

Their sense of duty is almost sacred, if only the level allows, otherwise they, being overthrown, begin to deny everything that has the slightest relation to duty, and become decisive destroyers, destructive to the hardest end.

No matter what was in the beginning, in the end is always the goal of great success or disaster. Capricorns with an ascendant in Scorpio are capable of cruel self-criticism, to a strict trial of themselves, they do not fool themselves; This is partly their strength. Sometimes they hesitate, so that the more swiftly they rush.

They know about the end, but the end must be a glorious crash, for surrender is excluded. Their life experience is severe and becomes more severe, nerves seem to be steel; It’s no wonder that they do not have many friends. But they take this as their destiny. They do not know compromises. The time of their ripening is long and actually does not end.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

This combination of signs gives a person greater ambition. You crave success not only for yourself, but for those who care about, and they can be sure that you will help them on the road to success. But remember that other people’s idea of success may not coincide with yours, rather refuse attempts to push them to where they do not want to go along with you. You have a very active mind, you are in your element, communicating with people, whether it is a long telephone conversation, a letter or direct communication. You will often travel just to be able to communicate with people.

You are a debater and often get involved in quarrels that end for you unsuccessfully. You are entirely devoted to work and pleasure. You can be very tough, sarcastic and harsh with people you do not like. You have a rich imagination that makes you very resourceful. You are hot-tempered, but your anger does not last long, although your sympathies and antipathies are pronounced. The father is to you, although everything is not going smoothly in his life. Perhaps you are the only child in the family, and the parents give you enough attention that you so much need.

Dark Side of the Sign

You seem passionate and sensual and usually easily attract people to yourself. But woe to someone who will not be able to meet your high demands that you make for family life — when your expectations are not justified, you go beyond all sorts of decency, giving vent to your disappointment. In this case, it is very difficult for your relatives to understand or forgive your cruelty towards them. But if you do not learn to treat life philosophically, the loved ones will leave you as a result, and you will be left alone with your turbulent emotions, which in the end will destroy you.

Love and Family

You can be very passionate, but when you are upset or you do not like something, become cold and vindictive. You are impulsive and inclined to fall in love suddenly and quickly, but just as quickly and leave the object of your former affection. You can not be indifferent to anyone and to anything — you either love or hate. You may well marry more than once and probably quickly divorce your first spouse. Marriage will bring you a considerable fortune. You will have many children, maybe even twins. Your children will marry early, and with them you will have some secret sorrows. Your life is complicated by a lot of love intrigues.

Career and Money

You are gifted with talent to sell and buy, you tend to work in entertainment, transportation, communications and consumer goods. You have insatiable thirst to reveal secrets, so you are interested in occult sciences, chemistry, philosophy or detective work. You are also attracted to leadership positions or service in government bodies. Your financial affairs are somewhat unstable. There is an opportunity to achieve prosperity through cases related to the law or related to foreign countries, as well as through relatives who are married. Probably, you will have two spheres of activity unconnected with each other and two sources of income. Although in your youth your life will be full of difficulties, all your efforts will eventually be crowned with success, and you will achieve a good life and be a respected person.

Health and Immunity

You belong to the type of people who are proud of their ability to work without rest as much as they like, and on the whole it is true. But when the disease dumps you off your feet, there is no more difficult patient for the doctor than you — you do not trust anyone but yourself. Your vulnerabilities are the gallbladder and reproductive organs. You are also susceptible to diseases that develop as a result of poisoning, fever, headaches, and injuries as a result of careless handling of sharp or hot objects. Particularly vulnerable in this respect is the right hand. Often you are the cause of your illness, because you are inclined to indulge in all sorts of excesses.

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