Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Taurus

The character of a man with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Taurus is full of a peculiar charm. They seldom, and then smile a little, but from their inner enthusiasm there comes a magical attractive force, maybe because this inner seriousness proves to be only partly to the surrounding people.

They know deep inside themselves what they want, they also know that it is impossible to clearly communicate this to others, so they are cautiously taken to work. However, what they have conceived, they always reach, since they were on this earth! They do not aspire to heaven, they do not aspire to space, but they are really situated on tops. In their home environment, they are sure that the world around them will not be able to change too much.

Everything is carefully weighed, slowly researched, checked. They constantly create their own tests — this guarantees them from internal crises. They are learning something that makes others uncertain. In the end, they turn out to be examiners or auditors for others. They can calmly collect debts, discover the weaknesses of others, so that others do not discover it so quickly.

Capricorns with an ascendant in Taurus perfectly master themselves, and they expect the same from others, since they usually measure others by their standards. You can rely on them; They do not promise more than they can do, basically and not less. For a deceiver — this is a tough nut to crack.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

A person born under this combination of signs is distinguished by strength and determination. You are honest and practical, so do not tolerate irresponsibility and stupidity. You can always be relied on, although you tend to have too much persistence in your views. You do not get tired of getting new knowledge and like to travel. You will spend a significant part of your life abroad, through marriage or performing professional duties.

You have a happy ability everywhere to feel at home and adapt easily to a new way of life. You would prefer to stay in one place, but life often makes you break with the familiar surroundings. It’s hard for you to get mad, but if you’re angry, it’s best to stay away from you. You are very difficult to calm down and remember the evil that has been done to you for a long time.

We can say with confidence that your father comes from a good family and succeeds in his work. The source of the difficulties will be relatives, especially brothers and sisters. In general, your life goes on calmly, and problems arise only when you are too persistent in your views and opinions.

Dark Side of the Sign

There is a big difference between frugality and stinginess. Probably, you keep your hard-earned money under the mattress, because you do not trust banks and have absolutely no idea about real life. It does not occur to you that your savings can work for you. People do not really like you, because they are fed up with your stinginess and the inclination to live at someone else’s expense. You could become a professional dependents, although it is doubtful that you have friends who can still be used.

From the fans you expect that you will be indulged and pamper, but if it’s your turn to treat, you try to limit yourself to the cheapest diner that you will be able to find and where there are only hamburgers. Try to be more generous, not only in money, but, more importantly, in feelings.

Love and Family

You are capable of an exceptionally faithful and long love that can survive even the disdain of a loved one. The terrestrial beginning in you urgently always requires to be near to favorite, and you find for this purpose any occasion. Your proprietary attitude towards the elect causes a lot of trouble, and your life in marriage is always under the sights of unfriendly looks. Your spouse may like a secluded way of life, and, probably, each of you will go his own way. Your children will need exceptional care in the early years of life. They will become for you a source of moral and material satisfaction and will achieve great success in the art world or in teaching.

Career and Money

You will succeed very much in the work connected with teaching or trade with foreign countries. You love history, are fond of collecting or gardening. You are a diligent worker and pay special attention to small details. Problems can arise as a result of misunderstandings with the law, unemployment or love affair in secret from the spouse. But you can also unexpectedly get money or get rich at the expense of someone’s devoted love and with the help of friends. In your youth your situation will be unstable, but later thanks to successful acquaintances you will correct your affairs.

Health and Immunity

Indulgence to your whims, as well as a tendency to worry about any reason — these are the main causes of your ailments, although in general this combination of signs gives a person strong health. Vulnerable organs, which should be carefully monitored, are the spleen, liver, kidneys and ovaries. You are also prone to throat diseases, especially if you are tired or in an oppressed state of mind. Try to pay special attention to this, take care of yourself, and you will cope with any malaise.

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