Sun in Capricorn — Rising in Virgo

The character of the person with the Sun in Capricorn and the Ascendant in Virgo allows getting along well with the surrounding people. They are zealous and also know how to negotiate with others, they are diligent and also know how to negotiate with others, to which they, however, look a little patronize, because — putting your hand on your heart — can it work like me? Their sample is their goal, which they set themselves.

A sharp mind helps to achieve it. If you need to plow the field, and thoroughly, but so that after a field remains, — they can. They do not easily concede what I have: they all know how to find use. Many consider them idealists, but they are mistaken. They are realists, but they are so consciously involving reality in their goals, that it seems that the goal has moved very high.

Capricorns with an Ascendant in Virgo look at what can be achieved without miracles, and achieve this consistently, which in many ways seems to be a miracle by itself. They work like animals, if the work makes sense and leads them up. They rationalize everything they can, including themselves. They carefully spend their energy, do not take an extra step, do not stand where you can sit, and do not sit where you can lie.

Of course, their distinctive aspiration to the goal sometimes produces a cold and egoistic impression; Everyone can join them if they are capable of real permanence. They are always true to their intentions and plans, but do not chase fountains, they want to do only the possible, and even then for their own needs.

♑ Capricorn Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

You differ practicality and endurance and are inclined to use your talents in an adventurous manner, although in every risky situation you carefully calculate all the possibilities. Social life, animals and children are the objects of your main interest, often being incentives to action. You are a wonderful friend, have an inborn wisdom, and people often ask for your advice in difficult situations. But do not take on too much responsibility, so you do not have to be angry afterwards, that you want too much from you, although you will be partly to blame for this. Sometimes even a bodyguard you can rely on requires a day of rest.

Although this is a wonderful combination of signs, you, of course, have their shortcomings. The main is your characteristic hypochondria, because you are inclined to constant anxiety. You are worried not only for yourself, but for your relatives and friends, you have completely cheated them. Fortunately, your intensive social activities give you the opportunity to relax, and you will live a long and active life. Probably there will be some kind of family secrets, and your father can marry twice, or he will have a love affair on the side.

Dark Side of the Sign

You could be an avid gambler and a drunkard. If there is an opportunity, you are not ashamed to earn extra money on the street, pretending to be an invalid. You quickly peck when you are offered a quick-enrichment plan, and you can not hesitate to invest all your savings in it. When the plan fails, as it usually happens, you either crochet into bed, or you bite. You strive for success, but choose the shortest and not always reliable ways. You have a decent collection of books on medicine, and with the slightest indisposition you are looking for symptoms of a deadly disease in them. Usually you miraculously recover, as soon as there is a new opportunity to slam money on some deliberately failed plan. You are a real punishment for your loved ones, and they, and not you, need a two-day rest and a bed rest.

Love and Family

You are a dispassionate person and do not like windyness, but these views do not guarantee you a calm love and family life. You are persecuted by disappointments associated with love affairs, and you probably marry twice or have a love affair secretly from your spouse. There is some mystery related to your spouse, and maybe she will make you live in seclusion. Try to avoid the love stories that can send someone’s enmity to you. Your firstborn will need special care. You will have one or two children, and it will be difficult for you to cope with them. They will not marry early or easily. This side of your life requires patience and vigilant attention.

Career and Money

You can succeed in sports, art, entertainment, teaching or in business related to these areas. You like spending time outdoors, you are attracted to horticulture or agriculture. You love to learn and show the ability to practice the knowledge you have gained. You will not be a very wealthy person and will achieve prosperity only by hard work. Even then, there will be a threat to you to lose everything. This is especially true for the first half of life. You can get rich abroad. You could become a good banker or a business person, although you may not be lucky in speculation. Be careful not to spray your interests, as this can lead to failure. Probably, in old age you will have real estate in different countries.

Health and Immunity

You have a very strong body, and when you get sick, usually the reason for this lies in your tendency to get too involved in work and completely immersed in practical questions of life. But your intelligibility in eating and regular exercise helps you to keep yourself in good shape. You are prone to colic, flatulence, dyspepsia and eczema. This combination of signs gives a predisposition to allergies, and you will do yourself a great help if you find out its sources. Maybe it’s wheat.

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