Sun in Gemini — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Gemini Sun and Aquarius Moon signs produces the quick mind and broad scope of intelligence that may enable you to achieve public notoriety. Your mind can grasp details without missing the big picture. You seem to have the gift of foresight and insight, seeing both the fact and the potentialities. Your uncanny foresight or intuition allows you to be one of those people with the ability always to be looking ahead and anticipating the need for change and improvement.

You are a true progressive. You can organize and express what you know in a clear and concise fashion. You are genuinely humanitarian, generous, and possess a desire to help others, so you can make an excellent teacher in whatever walk of life you choose. You seem to have a romantic outlook on life that can find, rather than create, beauty in your surroundings. Philosophical to an extreme, you are very understanding, tolerating, and accepting of others in a broad sense.

So your circle of friends is probably extremely large and loyal. You are depressed by any sense of restriction or restraint the keeps you from doing your thing. Routine activities or affairs that confine you too much are impossible to tolerate. Your mind is agile and flexible, you seem able skillfully to handle either side of an argument with equal ease, and you often do. Enigmatic and interesting, you are always an entertaining person to be around.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

You are refined, extroverted and captivating. In addition, you are autonomous and independent and this moves you to make some of your dreams become realities. One of your most important gifts is your intuition. You appear to know what people will desire in the future, what their thoughts are and what they want right now. Your life seems to be led more for the future than the present. You have had an inquiring and investigative mind ever since you were a child. No doubt you used to love to fix broken things, put things together and understand their inner workings.

Your parents probably had to keep an eye on you so you did not blow fuses. You cannot satisfy your curiosity about the universe. You are endlessly intrigued by the strange and the unexplored and love science and change. The world, in your view, needs change and it is your goal to do that using your imagination and intelligence to apply your ideas. Communication is something difficult for you because you appear to be way ahead of others in your mind. It is almost like you are living in another dimension.

Approaching life optimistically, you are fundamentally detached and do not show your emotions. Others unhappiness is hard for you to comprehend. Confusion and agitation sets in when you run into a very emotional situation. You do not look inside yourself often enough because you are so busy with projects and other people that there is not enough time. Meditation or contemplation are good breaks. An exploration of your own inner workings would benefit you. You are not easy to deal with or understand because of erratic changes in mood ranging from serious to lively and fun loving.

On a positive note, you are in total control of your temper. Anyone in your circle who appears to be unhappy or upset causes you to do everything you are able to help them improve their emotional state. Your charms as well as positive and humorous attitude usually work wonders. Sometimes you forget the beauty of the present because you are planning for the future. A pause and appreciation for what you have now is always good because the world will wait for you. The invention or great discovery will be just as appreciated tomorrow.

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