Sun in Gemini — Moon in Aries

The combination of Gemini Sun and Aries Moon signs makes you mentally "quick as a cat", witty, versatile, and mobile, both in mind and body. You are naturally alert, active, and aggressive. At your best, you have a very ambitious nature, asserting yourself in a positive and confident manner in whatever direction you decide to go. You are a fun companion and a dangerous opponent, especially in a battle of words. You are intellectually motivated with an inclination for study and education, a desire always to stay up to date by study and the gathering of information on vital topics.

Thus, you generally have a vast fund of information, stories, and quips, and when you’re with friends, you’re likely to be the life of the party. You will get far in life simply because of your natural popularity and your aptness in human relations. The problem can be that you may rely too much on wit, cleverness, and quickness to replace serious application. Nonetheless, people follow you instinctively because you seem to know where you are going and how to get there.

Your sense of balance and direction is often based on a whim of the moment rather than logic and forethought. But you are a good leader because you are so sure of yourself, and because you make people feel that you think they are great, too. You are especially shrewd in business matters in a more or less a wheeler-dealer sort of way. In this you can show a selfish side, as while you are such a social person, you never forget to look out for number one. Emotionally there is nothing very deep or profound about you. You know what you like and what you don’t like, and it’s hard for anyone to tie you down for very long. You need to be constantly in motion, physically and mentally.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

When something comes your way, you discern an opportunity or benefit and grasp it. You enjoy multitasking because your mind is always in a spin and you do not like being idle. Most people would be exhausted just relaxing in your fashion. Your personality demands stimulation and exploration and you are drawn to it. It is not beyond you to stir up some trouble if things are not hectic enough for you. Your world is an endless source of things you are terrifically interested in, but you put yourself first. An excitable, savvy and nervous person is what you find in a Gemini.

Energy is what the Aries mixes in along with, quick thinking, and a combative spirit. Organized confusion is the result of the combination. Gemini-Aries people are great at acquiring information fast, but they frequently forget about it just as fast. Your memory is not the best although you are intelligent and insightful. Maybe this is why you have a behavior pattern that is repetitious, repeating the same things again and again. Gemini-Aries main assets are good comprehension, versatility, and speed. Getting what you want is a priority and you expect double payment for what you give.

For some reason you find yourself in nerve wracking situations and this is hard for an excitable person like you. Social activities and athletics are outlets for your skittish personality. Even big decisions like marriage or your future are usually done quickly by you because of your speedy thought process. Disaster can frequently result with your speedy decision making. When you are asked to listen to a viewpoint not your own, you generally are not interested.

You are, however, well-spoken and passionate about your own ideas, which, by the way, change frequently. Instant satisfaction and impulse do not always work and you need to learn this. Patience would help a lot in getting what you desire. It would also be good to limit your numerous interests and activities to a reasonable extent. The communication profession is a good choice or even being a detective or critic is also possible because of your excellent perception. You come up with original solutions and this makes you a good problem solver. A big issue is your ability to cope with stress.

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