Sun in Gemini — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Gemini Sun and Cancer Moon signs is beneficial to both, but often produces a somewhat high-strung emotional nature. Life is full of stimuli and fascinations, and the mind is always searching for experiences, romances, and revolutionary ideas to explore. You possess unusual emotional depth for a Gemini, and what your quick intellect doesn’t pick up on, your emotions do. You have a greater ability to concentrate than others of your Sun sign.

Keeping your mind focused is the key to controlling an ever present problem with nervous tension. If you can concentrate on some study or pursuit, putting your mind on it and leaving it there, problems with nerves seem to disappear. But when you dwell on personal issues and petty problems, you may find yourself becoming progressively more subject to tensions. You have a great need for peace, quiet, and stability in your life, and it is important that you establish these early in life.

Unfortunately, domestic stability doesn’t come easily or naturally for you, but it is important all the same. For all your problems with thinking and emotions, you always come out well. You are sure of yourself and confident of your analyzes. You know what is going on in the minds of men, and you have little difficult predicting their actions. Tricks and games people play seem crystal clear to you, and you have an intuitive sense of how to react.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

Success is practically guaranteed because of intuition, intelligence and skillfulness. Franz Kafka, Jean-Paul Sartre and Igor Stravinsky are a few examples of this combination. Liabilities are exceeded by positives, but as a very emotional person you need to learn to deal with some difficult issues. The people around you, including your spouse, coworkers and family, have an impact on your super sensitive and impressionable being and you need to learn to reduce their impact on your feelings. Being prone to mental disturbance, including depression and mood swings, is one side or this combination, but a very high level of creativity is the other.

An imaginative, very sensitive and sympathetic aspect enhances the need for expression, novelty and innovation. Removing stress, ill will and discord from your environment is very important for personal growth. You get unsocial, glum, depressed and withdrawn if you live in an emotionally charged environment. Your surroundings must be overcome to eliminate this issue. Do not totally blend into your surroundings like a chameleon would, but rather inform others of your desires. Sacrificing your own happiness for that of others is not necessary all the time.

You occasionally get withdrawn because you are subject to swings in your moods. Long term closing off of others is extremely bad for you, but like most people some private time to think and introspect can be useful. A degree of social activity is important for your happiness. You will surely be popular, especially with the opposite sex, because of your good sense of humor, charm and good nature. You have a negative self-image in spite of being so high-spirited and playful in your approach to life.

Instead of thinking of your sensitivity as a disadvantage, view it as a strong point. This can help you climb mountains. Gemini-Cancers are great at role-playing because of an ability to adapt to their environment. You can do great in the theater. When you choose friends or romantic partners, as well as business associates, use your intuition and discrimination in order to make sure you get some emotional support. There is no need to always accommodate people. Some people will just take advantage of your goodness if you always say yes. Be more assertive.

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