Sun in Gemini — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Gemini Sun and Capricorn Moon signs produces a personality that is worldly-wise and shrewd. Under the genial front of smiles and good humor lies a core of steel, strength of purpose, and ambition. You operate with a healthy respect for tradition, law, and authority, able to become a law unto yourself, and to others. You can meet any challenge, especially one requiring a cool head and objective reasoning ability. You are affable, social and generous, but no one can impose on you; your business judgment is amazingly sharp.

Your keen wit allows you to talk people into agreement with your position before they know what has happened. Your manner is poised, charming and disarming, enabling you to succeed in the business world where you can sell yourself or close a deal with casual ease. People relax and let down their guard around you. Outgoing and extroverted, you seem to inspire confidence and usually come out a winner. Your mind is so well constructed that analysis and critical ability come naturally.

You are fair and utterly honorable, but you never fail to bargain shrewdly. Nervousness and restlessness are well controlled, and you are likely to be intensely ambitious. There is a cool detachment about you that keeps you from opening up to people in a true sense. You are highly sensitive and likewise conscious of other people’s sensitive points. You’re more analytical than creative or original. Your sense of diplomacy is active and leads you to a policy of rarely antagonizing others to achieve your ends.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

You have well-established goals and you seldom have to reorganize your thoughts or perspectives. You are admired for being well spoken as well as efficient because of your discipline and self-control. Emotionally, you try to stay in control to the extent that you may not be aware that everything you say is designed to produce a result. The Capricorn inner self makes a more serious Gemini than most. The latter is usually exciting, has more interests and is a communicator. Your mixture makes you cool and calm as well as strong, detached and ambitious.

You can talk people into almost anything because of your charm and magnetism. You direct yourself toward power and influence because you are aware of your attraction to others and put it to use very well. Your personality seems a bit above the fray because you do not reveal the feelings you have under your dynamic personality. You do not need to be aggressive in your desire for power because you possess an inborn sense of dignity, which applies your principled moral values. In spite of this, you usually get the best of a deal in business.

The spiritual side of life should not be sacrificed because of competition even though that has it proper place. The biggest challenge for you is to discover the side of life that has more meaning, because the material portion will take care of itself. You will recognize your mistakes later in life when you have time to contemplate them. So do not fail to recognize this facet as early on in life as possible. Sadness and bitterness in old age can result if you do this.

Overcoming difficulties and barriers with your fortitude and unwillingness to quit, shows that you have a lot of inner fortitude. You can use your well-developed power of persuasion to bend others to your will because you sense their vulnerabilities. You are a master of manipulation. Inside you are numerous personalities moving about trying to be the most influential and recognized. You desire for power is done at the expense of other parts of your being in the name of material possessions.

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