Sun in Gemini — Moon in Gemini

The combination of Gemini Sun and Gemini Moon produces what can be described as very high voltage electricity. Not steady smooth electricity, but rather static charges bouncing from one place to another, constantly active. This energy can be channeled, but not for long. No matter how hard you try, you’re not apt to burn a hole of concentrative intensity through anything.

You have tremendous mental capabilities, and the lack of willingness or ability to focus your interest and your direction, may be the only impeding factor in your life. You feel comfortable with your abilities whether they are with your hands or with your mind. Yet you can’t feel comfortable by yourself and if you don’t have someone to talk to and be with, you’re high-strung temperament immediately takes over.

You will fidget, worry, or do calisthenics until someone comes along to calm you down. You’re an avid reader, but not an especially deep student. Always a great talker, you are glib, facile, witty, and clever. You have a great business or law head, since emotions don’t usually play a role in your decision making and thinking.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You are totally unpredictable and might as well be several people as one. You are very inventive though, and that is a big help in your life. Quick, practical and logical solutions come from you in the persona of being a problem-solver. You are a walking encyclopedia, know everything and are extremely wide read. It is hard for others to keep up with you because you retain information so well and do it so quickly. You want a world that rotates faster on its axis. You love the new and the excitement of seeing it unfold.

Your own nervous energy keeps you going. You frequently end up consuming your resources and possibilities because you drift from place to place, checking things out and exploring everything. You are enthusiastic about things for a short time because they are born of nerves rather than energy. You are never sure which side you are on or whom you want to be with because you change often. You are a combination of Einstein’s originality, Jonathan Swift’s humor and Immanuel Kant’s intelligence. The challenge is to master the substance, discernment and self-control needed to use these abilities.

Assuming that you have not misused your ability already, there is hope. The difficult part is that you have the ability of a mastermind of crime who is always in trouble; a mentality looking for a fast buck and quick advantage is your problem, not an evil or ill-intentioned mind. You are a psychic sponge and read the people around you with ease. Sometimes you do not know if an idea is yours or someone else’s. If they can acquire the patience, some double Gemini are very skillful and can make excellent craftsmen and artisans.

Relationships come easily for you and you probably have several at once. This leads to the problem of narrowing down your choices and focusing in order to attain real closeness. Developing ingenious schemes to rob a museum or gain the profits of investors for yourself rather than work is what you want. Your undoing is that you forget some small point that gets you caught in spite of your genius. You have several selves at a minimum so it is not a matter of self-discovery. You can easily play any role necessary depending on the situation. You have the gift of gab and can out-talk anyone. Therein lies a problem of hurting others because while you do not mean to, your tongue is faster than your mind.

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