Sun in Gemini — Moon in Leo

The combination of Gemini Sun and Leo Moon signs places you in a class of true "personality people." Your interests are so varied, your tastes so inclusive, your attitudes so tolerant, that you have a very broad appeal to many different people with whom you come in contact. An apparently happy-go-lucky nature conceals a core of sound good sense, just as the apparent fickle in your nature hides deep-seated loyalty and fidelity. You may be changeable in many ways, but when you settle to person or a course of action, you stay settled.

Your mind turns from one subject to the next, from one relationship to another, but sooner or later the wavering and fluctuating stops, and you establish yourself. People have difficulty understanding you, not so much because you are complex, but merely because you are so hard to pin down. When your mind is made up to go after something, however, you don’t hesitate. Your warmth and amiability make you the life of many parties. You are confident of the impression you make on people and you are a study of joviality and good nature.

You can get along very well in life with your kind of personality. Even when people don’t agree with what you say, they admire the way you say it. Oddly, a somewhat brooding spirit can invade your personality when things (especially romances) don’t come together as you feel they should. Nonetheless, you are blessed with a good personality, a good level head, and more than your fair share of good luck.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You have a definitive nature that results from your slightly overblown sense of your own importance. You are relatively serious. You have a dual personality so figuring you out is not easy for most. There is kind of an executive nature about you that holds forth with advice and opinions on the one hand and a humorous and carefree person on the other hand. You make more of a show of being the boss than taking it seriously. Volatility, nervousness and self-expression are what we find in the Gemini.

On the other hand, showiness, lavishness and drama are part of the Leo character. The combination is a running drama that is high-strung and almost absurd. What we have here is a melodrama of the outrageous that runs almost day and night. Fanfare and panache are your prime movers. Expressing your feelings and thought are a need residing deep inside you. You are a magnet made of charm, optimism and exuberance that is irresistible and this makes you very popular. Others can hardly wait to hear the next episode of your soap opera. Be more open to the contributions of other individuals and not so prideful and stuck on your own opinions.

You are creative in your professional goals but you can do well in business because in the end you are actually down to earth. You have sales and promotion talents. You are loyal, responsible and dedicated in everything you do. You search for the perfect partner because you are very much a romantic as well as an adventurer. You want someone who is enthusiastic about life and shares your interests. You love to play the role of boss though, and enjoy showing off that side of you.

It might be wise to go a little easier in your act because you can intimidate others to a point you may not imagine even though you do not mean to. You follow your own rules like most Moons in Leo natives and this means you often ignore the opinions and advice of others. You feel you are always right even though you are open-minded and generally listen to others who are reasonable in their approach. The feeling that you know what you are doing can bring about an impulsive and dangerous set of actions and when combined with your stubbornness and need to prove others wrong, you can do damage.

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