Sun in Gemini — Moon in Libra

The combination of Gemini Sun and Libra Moon signs produces a personality that is ethereal, lighthearted, bright and totally enjoyable. You have a clever sense of humor and active wit. In a very charming way, you can persuade and cajole the people in your life to usually come around to your way of thinking. This placement is very favorable for having many very influential friends and a professional career of some sort. You don’t, however, have much taste for really hard work, especially when this requires much concentration and sustained effort.

You lead an active life in which you combine business and pleasure to good advantage. You are very independent and never like to feel beholden to anyone or any obligation. While you can force yourself to do about anything, no one else has much luck trying to stimulate your sense of duty or obligation. Life never seems dull to you because you stay so busy traveling (you love to travel), socializing, working and playing, as you please.

Although you are somewhat high-strung, nothing keeps your moods in a depressed state for very long. Expressive, artistic, and able to communicate on many levels, you are a natural extrovert. You are such a good conversationalist that your stories sometimes become very detailed, complex, and long. Romantically, you may be somewhat fickle, and very demanding of complete justice in all your relationships.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

You are not responsible for all the difficulties in the world, so there is certainly no obligation on your part to take care of those around you, humankind or the universe itself. Your own happiness as well, needs to be emphasized more in your case. You can set a positive example for others when it turns out that the world does not align with your ideals and vision for how it should be because of your restless spirit. You are only happy if you feel that those around you are happy because you are a born peacemaker.

Within yourself, you work toward quietude, concordance and balance. Life, however, does not always operate like we want it to. Because the world is in tension and a constant flow, such equilibrium is essentially impossible emotionally. A sad and secluded Sun-Moon combination like yours is truly sad indeed. Nevertheless, you may feel the desire to surrender to isolation or fantasy when life is stressful and people are impossible for you to deal with. But this is only a temporary solution to the difficulties of such a situation and, in fact, it will only make matters worse. Doing this only means the world will miss out on what you have to offer.

Hold off that desire to run away from a world that does not always work the way you want it to. Be dynamic, brisk and alive. While you could skate through life, you should resist that temptation just because you are so flexible, capable and intelligent. Do not elude challenges, adventures and responsibilities. Pushing your endowments to the boundaries is important for all Gemini-Libra people. You will travel far if you resist the temptation to just do the minimum. You will probably search for a perfect partner because you are a romantic at heart and a dreamer.

Before you find the right person for you, there will be many affairs along the way. The mass media, social world and politics are fields than can profit from your natural statesmanship, great perception and insight. An artistic field is also a possibility because of your strong imagination. You are adaptable and can probably live almost anywhere. You have an extremely open mind about other cultures and lifestyles and probably like to read about faraway places. Your essence breaks down roadblocks and transcends cultures, faiths, political orientations and all divisions. You do not lead a tiring life because it is a harmonious combination.

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