Sun in Gemini — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Gemini Sun and Pisces Moon signs provides a high degree of what would be called a sixth sense that always helps you get along in the world. This blending is one of the most versatile and adaptable, but one in which frequent change and inconstancy can be a problem, at times. Learning the difficult lesson of concentration can be an early life challenge. You are highly receptive and sensitive to the intangible vibrations around you, and these will at least guide you along a path of survival. This receptivity of mind encourages assimilation of knowledge, making it possible for you to be well-informed on a variety of subjects, while not really becoming an expert on any of them.

Sometimes you have trouble seeing things in true perspective because you are anything but a realist. Even when your senses are wrong, it’s hard to convince you of the mistake. You have an illusory quality about you which keeps you somewhat remote from the world. Your goals and ambitions are never really high, but your creative and inventive abilities are considerable. You are happiest when in a harmonious environment where you can escape the various pressures and stresses of general business life, for which you are temperamentally unsuited.

Your best talents center on the intellectual, literary, aesthetic or artistic, although your versatility may open up opportunities for you in any number of other areas. Your many talents notwithstanding, you may lack self-confidence. You try to justify the motives for all your actions, even when it’s not necessary that you do so. You have an innate feeling that you are often misunderstood. You’re very introspective, often holding fixed ideas about yourself that may be at complete variance with the facts. You have a quick perceptive mind when you aren’t too busy daydreaming. You have an instinctive hospitable nature, and this nature has a good deal of sympathy and understanding for fellow humans.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

Your early childhood may be causing you to be guarded and protective. You are, however, extremely emotional, perceptive and sensitive. This sensitivity is often concealed by rationalization of issues that should be addressed directly as well as detachment and superiority. The danger here is never finding satisfaction because you lose contact with your emotions completely. Openly and honestly facing your feelings is something you should learn to do. Gemini is objective and analytical while, in juxtaposition, Pisces is understanding and very emotional.

In any case, you are an intricate and versatile individual. Kindness can grip you completely at times even though you think you are distant and sophisticated. Perhaps you see yourself as cool and highly developed, but there are times when you can feel overwhelmed with compassion. You probably learned to hide your true feelings when you were young because you may have had a difficult time of things. The bad feelings, moods and ideas of those around you are absorbed because you are quite impressionable. More emphatic types are to be kept at a distance so they do not gain control and influence over your life as they surely can do.

Becoming aware of how to control your own destiny and environment should take precedence over going with the crowd of emotional impressions. You are dedicated and conscientious in all your undertakings along with having high principles. This makes an excellent professional of some type. Your humor and charm usually draws the opposite sex to you. Even though you need to be exceptionally careful in choosing a partner, you have an extremely romantic character. Finding someone would be easy. Finding the right one would probably not.

You generally know what is best for you so it should be quite easy to use your intuition. Listen to your sixth sense and keep your independence. A lot of Gemini-Pisces people find religion a good support system for them. The moon in Pisces allows Gemini the communicator to express things creatively. This opens doors for you. Because your intuition lets you know what people want, you can be strong as a business or marketing individual. Gemini-Pisces people are also good teachers and scholars.

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