Sun in Gemini — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon signs produces a very uncontrollable personality charged with the desire for intellectual freedom, travel, adventure, and the quest for excitement. You are frank, honest, restless, never stop learning and growing. Your highly individualistic nature has you running in high gear nearly all the time.

You are the type that knows a little bit about many things, and you’re sure to have an opinion on almost any subject that comes up. Oddly enough, though your knowledge is often rather superficial, your quick wit and gift for oratory makes you a debater to be reckoned with. Your honesty and frankness can lead you into difficulties at times; your mind works so quick that tact and diplomacy sometimes are forgotten in your instantaneous repartees.

Your witty personality, quickness of mind, and facility of thought will take you far. This is perhaps one of the most independent combinations. Deciding on your life’s work and sticking to a plan may not be easy. You simply must have the freedom of mind, body and spirit. Highly social and outgoing, your conversation skills are admired by all.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

Your enthusiasm, perception and creativity are awesome in scope. All of this would be terrific if it were not for the fact that it is so much work for you to keep yourself in tune. There to blow up your dreams is a lack of patience and good sense combined with needless rebellion and wastefulness. You hate to be restricted in any form because you love freedom. Classrooms, mundane jobs and other things you regard as drudgery are avoided. You want to find out what life really is and experience everything, no matter what mistakes you have made before.

You are an explorer and consequently can either be a genius who makes great discoveries or be like a Fool in the Tarot deck. There is an inspired person in you, but also someone who is impulsive and immature. At times, when you wake up, it is almost as though you are seeing your world with new eyes. You might experience extremely bad luck or even a personal disaster but you always remain an optimist. Your glass is always at the very least, half full. Part of this is because of your short memory. You are about twenty people in terms of your projects and interests.

Conforming to anything or being a part of the establishment in not for you. You are a rebel. The exotic and exciting continue to call you and because you are so impulsive, you do not mind dropping something you were engrossed in and moving on. What you need to learn is to concentrate and develop self-discipline. An environment that is conducive to this would help you; one that is structured and organized. You can learn to direct your skill in a useful way and still be a vagabond. Try to be around organized and well-directed people to reduce your gullibility.

Capricorns, Virgos and Taurus people might be very good for you in that regard. Fellow Gemini and Sagittarians are not. You must ease up on restlessness and get organized. If you do not do this, you will have a life of disasters mixed in with all your adventures and the mishaps that go with them. Some like it that way and maybe that is you. Philosophers, academics and inventive scientists can come from this combination. If you manage to get some self-control and will power, you can do anything.

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