Sun in Gemini — Moon in Scorpio

The combination of Gemini Sun and Scorpio Moon signs produces an intellectual quickness, and an emotional depth that makes you an exceptionally forceful, magnetic, and versatile person. You are especially quick and active, while being extremely receptive, and tuned in to other people. Surprisingly, these exceptional traits may not necessarily make you the leader that is implied. With all this strength, you are easily persuaded and influenced.

You’re sometimes led astray or distracted from doing what you might be thought capable of doing. You’re never opposed to taking a chance or getting out on a limb. Sensationalism is always appealing to you, and this is reflected in your actions, and perhaps in the friends you select, as well. You may expend a good deal of your energies chasing personal pleasures rather than keeping your nose to the grindstone.

You can pursue any project with such great intensity, but never for any long periods of time. Overindulging and getting your finger into too many pies can result in problems if you aren’t careful, and you are not one who is usually very careful. There is little you couldn’t do if you could get your mental and emotional nature pulling together in the same constructive direction.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Moon ☽

You are cautious when things concern you personally because you do have a volatile image that is very charged up and people can see this. Because of your boldness and aggressive demeanor, people always notice you. Your skills in observation mean you notice them too. You always notice details that you can proceed to analyze and you are proud of your ability to perceive things. When you are in a talkative mood you might tend to hyperbolize and dramatize things even though you have good insights and perceptions. Your personality is emphatic and magnetic.

You are very aware of where you are going and are a more intense individual than other Gemini. There is an aura of mystery about you because you are secretive and do not show your entire being. You get carried away at these times with your vivid imagination and emotions, which is usually OK, but it can unintentionally result in harmful distortions when things get way out of proportion. Relating things with less exaggeration and learning to watch what you say is important.

Your past relations with your parents and others should be carefully examined to decide whether some of your bad issues and destructive behaviors have been handed down from those who had a strong influence in your in life; especially your mother and father, or sisters and brothers. Because you cling to impressions and convictions so strongly, it is hard for you to let go of them even if they are the origin of your difficulties. It will help you if you can open up your thoughts and feelings to a good friend or a professional counselor. You are a sponge that assimilates the mood, ideas and ends around you, even if not consciously.

You are direct, strong-willed and seem to be your own leader. But you often give into insistence from friends, family or lovers when making choices about your profession or romantic life. You need to make decisions based on your own true feelings even though it is important to open your mind to the opinions and ideas of other people. Going with your own true nature is always the best for you. Your psychological well-being is heavily molded by the emotional receptivity you have with those around you. You can easily take on the goals and perceptions of those in your circle because you absorb them so quickly. That includes their neuroses and behavioral forms.

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