Sun in Gemini — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Gemini Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces one of the most popular personalities in the zodiac. You have the cleverness that attracts friends and a stability that retains them. Both signs are sociable and outgoing, and there is something likable about your easygoing, cool headed intellect that people relate to automatically. Intellectually you are impressive, having practical wisdom to back your broad expansive plans.

A natural conversationalist, you are loaded with interesting tidbits of information to share. It is surprising that you can have such a driving personality, able to move a mountain in record time under a highly social and charming cover. Your intelligence is unassuming and your driving force of your personality is not readily evident. This lack of pretentiousness makes it even more surprising when you reveal your accomplishment. Your judgment and business sense are inevitably sound and accurate.

Your fluent mental ability is underscored by a determination to see any task through to its conclusion, a trait most Gemini fail to possess. Highly understanding of a broad cross section of people, you are rarely fooled or taken in. You are too smart for most people with whom you come into contest, but you won’t hurt their feelings by letting them know they have a lot to learn. Your sense for sociability extends to all.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You can have a problem getting rid of a youth mindset because even in looks and mannerism, you are youthful. The combination here is a little in opposition because of Gemini’s adventurous spirit and Taurus’s need for security. This might result in needing something different right after you have found the security of a job, spouse and home. Satisfaction is something that eludes you. The Taurus Moon balances the whimsy of Gemini out. Your emotional foundation and centering is maintained even if you get kind of far out.

Your Taurus nature helps you bounce back from the most absurd situations that you manage to get into. You return for new challenges ready and refreshed. Innovation is the ideal goal for a combination that is so original. Past mistakes are not learned from in many cases though. Youthful patterns of behavior are hard to let go of for this combination of two Spring signs. You often work hard to get something in place only to allow curiosity to get you to leave it once you have accomplished your purpose Try to be less impulsive.

The Gemini-Taurus is pragmatic and experienced in life and makes an excellent unpaid psychologist and adviser. Numerous fields could benefits from your skillfulness and intelligence. Fields such as writing, music and architecture are possible because of your aesthetic and structural sense. Bob Dylan and Frank Lloyd Wright are two examples of Gemini-Taurus and notice the fact that these people need to communicate. Form, aesthetics and structure are things they naturally understand.

A life with little to look back on will come about if you give into the constant desire for adventure and challenge. Also, learn to respect your own achievements, even if they seem to come quickly and easily. Personality is one of your strong points. Your quick humor and joyful spirit are an inspiration that allows you to melt the coldest heart of those you encounter. Regardless of your background, you can rise above it and you are probably headed upward on the ladder of success and sophistication. You have a certain dignity and pride that make you stand out from the masses. You have a composition and emotional element to you that goes nicely with your analytical Gemini mind.

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