Sun in Gemini — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Gemini Sun and Virgo Moon signs suggests that you are dominated and motivated by intellectual pursuits. The natural tendency of a Gemini Sun to have a bright outlook and a versatile nature, is shaded by the Virgo Moon. You may become carried away by trifles and petty worries. You are moody and temperamental, with a good deal of self-dramatization and a tendency to feel misunderstood and unappreciated. There is a degree of tension and a nervous energy in your makeup that can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how it is used.

You are very alert, and always think things through, even if you don’t always see them through to completion. You may often jump from one project to another with lightning speed. Digging deeply into any subject is not your style. You can be critical of people, finding fault in their reasoning, and you are never shy about telling it the way it is. You are thought of as a "straight shooter" and your air of efficiency is impressive. Though your expression may be pointed, it is never vengeful in a heavy emotional way and you are never intentionally mean or unreasonable.

You are sociable and entertaining, with a desert-dry sense of humor and wit. It may not seem so, but you are rather serious and if you can force yourself to stick to a job, you can accomplish much, especially if the project involves mental processes. Your mind is sharp as a tack, and you have the logic and facts to back your every move. Unfortunately, you may enjoy explaining your theories and plans more than executing them. Developing the ability to relax and be satisfied in the world as you find it will help you a great deal.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You are wise and seek knowledge avidly. This gives you a confident appearance. Restricting yourself to one field though, is hard for you because you want to learn so much and feel like specialization is a waste of time. You have a lighthearted presence that is also urbane but you are discontented. Mythology tells us that Mercury governs both Gemini and Virgo and it is the messenger of the gods. Communicating in the form of storytelling, writing deliberating or talking is all self-expression, which is one of your strongest necessities in life.

For you, deep feelings and hidden ideas need to be communicated in an ongoing fashion. You always need an audience to do this because you are a very expressive person who wants to air your opinions, display your humor and show off your sophistication. Agitation and moodiness result if you are prevented from doing this. You are generally guaranteed the audience you desire because you are high-strung, extravagant and charming as well as extremely intelligent. Despite your polished, playful manner, you are often not happy. Living up to the high goals you set is nearly impossible, but that is what you strive for.

You may experience pessimism, anxiousness and confusion because you are not satisfied with your projects for much of your life. You have very good perception and your critiques as well as analysis are generally accurate. You give wise advice in a tactful and thoughtful way. You love to give it to help others. Preciseness and analysis might very well be the areas that assist in your profession. Also, the news media, promotion or advertising might be good choices in the area of communication.

Moodiness, restlessness and criticism of others can come about when you experience this discontentment and lack of confidence. Self-destructive behavior patterns can come about including alcoholism if you get so frustrated you cannot bear it. Compassion for yourself is suggested as a way to combat this feeling of discontent. Do not beat up on yourself. See your own achievements and endowments and be forgiving of yourself. Patience is something you need to develop. You cannot always gain recognition and reward overnight no matter how hard you work.

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