Sun in Gemini — Rising in Aquarius

The character of a man with the Sun in Gemini and the Ascendant in Aquarius brings in his environment abundant turmoil. Where they appear, there the smoke is a yoke. Life is like a fair square, where everything that has a rank and a name meets, and arrange crazy rides — this is the fair and attractive! Masses crowd around such people who are wonderfully entertained.

They are wizards of the circus, attracting propagandists. They constantly have a new surprise, and the masses follow them. If a motorcycle does a somersault in the air, one of the representatives of this animated-active character certainly sits on it. They are interested not so much in a time-consuming development as in simple changes.

Their blanks in tabloid leaflets should not be taken too seriously. Gemini with an ascendant in Aquarius is mentally active, willingly enter into discussions, but with them, not one dispute reaches its goal. If it starts with a conversation about fashionable haircuts, then it ends in a riddle what a person will do when he meets a horse. All this is so chaotic, but it never leads to chaos, because they give it too little value. They need tricks, entertainment, temptations; And in this they are magnificent.

During the walk they are a step ahead, do not look back, and are very surprised if they suddenly find themselves alone. Who long follows them, he can lose his own way. They are acquaintances who are nice to meet, but not friends at home.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You are a very humane person, and the benefit of other people is more important to you than your own. Although you are friendly enough and pleasant in communication, you have strong sympathies and dislikes. You have a large circle of friends and acquaintances, but you treat them impartially. You seek truth, have a clear mind and grasp the essence of the facts well. You have a good memory and you are attracted by everything related to the use of intelligence. Although you are very fond of working in a team, you are extremely independent and keep a deep need for personal freedom. Until you are appreciated, you can face a deep misunderstanding.

Usually you are law-abiding, but your desire to change everything for the better often makes you not take into account the generally accepted concepts of right and wrong. You have a wide vision, a rich imagination and an overflowing originality. You are unpredictable, inclined to the unusual and you can completely be called an eccentric. You are calm and patient. You need to constantly rotate in society, so you always know all the latest news. You are a good, reliable friend, although sometimes you can flare up. But you do not keep evil for long and, as a rule, good-natured and amiable. It looks like you will get an inheritance. Your family can also support you, although later it can cause problems. Your father probably works in agriculture, grows cattle or is engaged in buying and selling and is not particularly fortunate in life.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are carefree, like a grasshopper, and your heart is like ice. You give out ideas, but never follow them. Your friends put up with you, perhaps because you smile a lot and are always up to date with the latest news. You are very absent-minded, and this is painful for those who rely on you. Trusting you with a job is a risky business. You do not really respect the truth, but still avoid being called a liar. You live in a constant state of insanity, disguised as emotional alienation, and you are so engrossed in anxiety that you need to look closely at yourself to determine if it’s a smile on your face or a nervous tic.

You push other people and want to be in the foreground, whatever it takes. You like to solve the ideas of other people and use them for your own purposes. It captures you completely, making you grow old before time and flashing your true character, as terrible as it might seem at first. Only those who have suffered from your intrigues can appreciate your truly devilish mind.

When it comes to marriage, the best that even the finest spouse can hope for is to divorce. You are procrastinating and starting novels only to spend time. At your children quite often there can be an idea, that it would be better at them there was other father (or mother).

Love and Family

You like diversity and casual connections, rather than a deep relationship with one person. You approach love rather from the positions of reason than emotions, and are the embodiment of a cold, calm and unperturbed lover. In the role of a parent, you encourage in children manifestations of judgment, and not cordiality.

You like to fill your home with beautiful things and household appliances that save labor. Although you feel dislike of buying on credit, it may happen that there will be no other way. You do not like unnecessary movements, although your mental activity is unlimited. Sometimes you are capable of a deep affection for your partner until old age.

You probably have several children (sometimes twins) and you can face danger, protecting their interests. You will also have to travel a lot in family matters. You can get married early. Your spouse is probably a man of artistic or noble birth. Your life in marriage will be long and happy.

Career and Money

Your humane nature would allow you to become a doctor or a public reformer. You love literature, music, art and theater — these areas could also provide you with a source of income. Aquarius are often pioneers in the field of communications, especially in electronics, radio and television. You usually prefer a case that benefits other people, and this often leads you to work in the laboratory or committees dealing with the eradication of hunger in the world. Once you find a suitable job, you are immersed in it completely and you can even forget that you need to go home.

Health and Immunity

You know that you need to stay healthy, but you can be too busy to do it. Try to change this attitude. You can suffer from blood diseases, eczema, muscle spasms, indigestion, stomach diseases, neuralgia and sometimes gout. Indulging your weaknesses can destroy good health; Strive for moderation in everything.

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