Sun in Gemini — Rising in Aries

A man with the Sun in Gemini and an Ascendant in Aries is rapidly entering the world, but only from an inner need for communication. Such people are literally ready to conquer the world in order to place themselves in it. They want to know all the important switches and own them to be able to play on the desired keyboard. They often seem overextended, especially in their youth when they lack maturity; But they remain young and immature for a long time.

They want to eliminate the contradiction quickly; While they are ready to go for the trick, even for a little deception, if necessary. Good intentions justify the means, and after a while they always find comforting words or excuses. In general, they are better at comprehending their tasks in the world of words.

Gemini with an ascendant in Aries easily come into contact, which, however, lasts only until the other seems necessary or at least interesting. Their stubbornness can be naive and good-natured; They give themselves to the flow of their own eloquence, does not notice that no one is listening. But they connect the world with enthusiasm.

If it is possible to untie some nodules in words — they find the right approach. It’s not always easy to understand what they really want, but in any case they want to stay on the sidelines. They talk about lofty ideals without having them in depth, but they can lead others to good ideas, betraying them, however, for their own, to consolidate their position in the world.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

You blossom when you move, you like the movement itself. It is important for you to be at the forefront of action and bring your ideas to immediate realization. Since you are impulsive, you will spend a very long time in life to lick the wounds resulting from the fact that you underestimated your opponents. But you are never discouraged. You love independence, and you do not like to share your secrets or promulgate plans, you prefer to show them in action. You have great willpower and you can switch from one case to another without getting lost in the rhythm as long as you keep interest in it. Sometimes your considerable efforts remain unrewarded, since you already go further without waiting for the distribution of awards, or because this work is already completed.

You are stubborn, ambitious and enterprising. You are very eager to achieve what you want, but you are easily stopped by any problems. Gemini with Aries rising are quick-tempered, but your anger does not last long. You prefer to quickly settle disputes and complete your battles — there are more important things that you need to do. You are the initiator by nature, you can get a good administrator, although you do not have enough perseverance. You like to go in for sports, and your physique speaks about it. You are generous and extravagant, and you can be easily inculcated in distributing charity to those who do not deserve it. You often change your opinions, but are very confident in them, as long as they dominate your mind. You begin to worry, staying alone. Finally, you will have many enemies in the world of jurisprudence and publishing houses, but they will not be powerful.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are indifferent, capricious and try to envisage everything for five years ahead. By burning with the desire to get a new experience, you are guided by self-interest, a desire to tickle your nerves and an unconscious need to create chaos. When you want to achieve something, you will sacrifice everything for this. In anger, you become a destroyer: you can hit a cat or hit dishes and do not understand why people are outraged by your behavior — it’s not you, but your anger. You are aggressive, overbearing and boastful. You do not want to love another person, you want to wrap around like ivy around his life and use it to your advantage.

For those of you having an affair — it is a single use item that can be thrown away when the fun begins to pall. In the end, it’s not difficult to find someone else. You are arrogant and flourish when flattered. You do not suffer when upset your plans, refusing to listen to the voice of reason and prefer to attack first, and then find out the facts. You are so convinced of their superiority over others around you are always full of simpletons who believe that this is so. However, people are more intelligent think that this is just complacency. Of course, devoting so much time to nurturing one’s selfishness, one can get to the top. But do not expect that you will be loved.

Love and Family

In this case, you are not so independent, you need to share your life with another person. You blossom in an atmosphere of admiration and attention. You are trying to get along with your life companion, since harmony is very important to you, especially if it is difficult to achieve. Your frankness can hurt even your own subtle feelings.

You usually get married early, just after your romantic youth ends and it’s important for you to find a compatible partner full of charm. You can be adamant, but deep down you are a peacemaker. You may regret the fact that you too hastily marry, but you can win a lot financially, although later it will bring misfortune. Probably, you are the only child in the family, and you will have several children, over which you will not be particularly shaken. Being surrounded by a brood of offspring is not your idea of happiness. You need to be proud of your children and have fun, going out with them to people.

Career and Money

You, probably, will prove good in organizing business and investing in property; You can not allow cash to lie around in the bank. In business, you tend to be impulsive, but you will do everything to make the conclusion of a difficult transaction. You are a reliable worker and work with full force. You want to take a leadership position and do not like to obey orders. You are concerned about the honor and position in society, but you will meet with difficulties, to overcome which you will need all your courage.

You are a pioneer and will become famous in enterprises that require courage, or thanks to travel. You are attracted by everything that can capture you entirely: trade, communication, publishing — all these are your opportunities. You also have a penchant for jurisprudence and studies related to exploration and mining.

Health and Immunity

You realize the need to keep fit, and naturally, you are quite athletic. Diseases irritate you, you are very jealous of the rules of personal hygiene, you can be very nervous. You love delicacies, but rarely overeat or abuse alcohol. You are prone to inflammatory processes of the internal organs, as well as small injuries to the eyes, hands and feet. Since Aries leads the head, your typical problem is migraine, in addition, you may have an allergy.

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