Sun in Gemini — Rising in Cancer

The character of a person with the Sun in Gemini and the ascendant in Cancer is changeable and versatile. If they feel confident, they are cheerful and take a whirlwind around them, but it’s worth hurting them, and they are retreating. They are sensitive, they hear for a kilometer how the fly flew, but they feel the real danger, it’s their strength. They are able to express their feelings, they are creative; They speak about themselves neutrally, as about others, if they are imbued with trust to the interlocutor.

Often they perfectly understand the other and can express what they feel. In this they are masters, and willingly become translators in a figurative sense. They quickly change their minds if they are persuaded; But they stick to the core firmly. If they are attracted by another profession, they easily change their place of work. They are all too mobile.

Gemini with an ascendant in Cancer can suddenly get up at night to finish something important, but wake up a small-time the next day. However, they are not as unreliable as they are, for in the decisive moment they are always in place. They are so versatile that many of them have several professions, and do not know which one is more important for them.

They willingly travel, talk and write about it. They know how to get the best possible impression of the world. However, it is difficult for them to concentrate, and the fixed deadlines for them are torment.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

This combination of signs enhances the quality, such as the variability, which is typical of the Sun in Gemini, but, in addition, gives greater sensitivity and emotional character. You are offended, so now you protect those you love from anything that can bring pain. Your tenacious memory means that childhood was the period of life that has been permanently imprinted in your consciousness, and, whatever it is, you can not help to remember the past.

You are a pitiful, sentimental and extremely talkative person. You act under the influence of emotions, and then you already think. You love your home, but you travel a lot and in reality you can never settle in it completely. You are a resourceful person and although you are rather tightfisted, you are often borrowed, because it is difficult for you to refuse a request for help. You do not like it when they press you, and you can seem self-confident and tough. After the conflict, you need to retire to regain self-confidence.

Your life is unlikely to pass calmly and smoothly. You are whimsical, and although many of your relationships with others lead to disappointment, the need for friendship and love forces you to make new acquaintances. Usually you are calm in the face of physical danger and boldly express your point of view on moral issues. You will probably find it difficult to achieve prosperity, and the inheritance may be lost in speculation or because of children. But despite the danger of loss, in the old age you will find well-being.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a person of mood and imagine a riddle even for yourself. You are capricious, suspicious, and so sensitive that you are afraid to dislike the postman boy if you do not write newspapers anymore. In love, you can drown a partner in your demands, and besides, you are an incredible bore. You can be very evasive, prefer to choose roundabout ways, and not say directly what you mean. If it seems to you that you are not noticed in society, you become very sorry for yourself, and you will go to extreme measures to draw attention to your person. People find it difficult to understand you: you do not tell the truth about your likes and dislikes and do not share your emotions with anyone, except for a doctor who is forced to pull the truth out of you with ticks.

Being a little masochist by nature, in love you usually suffer, and even when everything goes well, you secretly think that in some way you will fail. You persist in your vision of life through rose-colored glasses, and as soon as you decide that you have fallen in love, grind your poor victim without tire. It does not occur to you that love demands bestowal: you take and take until your partner has almost nothing left to give. You quickly forget about the feelings of other people or throw them out of your head if they do not fit into your worldview. Since few people will want to go into voluntary slavery, it’s not surprising that you are experiencing difficulties in love. Essentially, you get what you deserve.

Love and Family

You are prone to secret love relationships, excited at the thought of the forbidden fruit and diligently ignoring the painful consequences. You can be very jealous and extremely passionate. If you take marriage seriously, then choose a partner who may be in some respect completely hopeless, so that you can take on the whole burden of caring for him. The innate desire to nourish and protect makes you take responsibility that others would not be able to shoulder.

You are also very ambitious towards your spouse, and you do everything you can to support and encourage him, which makes you an excellent partner for a person who seeks to break through in life, especially in professions where success depends on the attitude of the public. You will have children, although probably they will cause many problems. Nevertheless, the elder will achieve success and fame in his profession. Your children will be a great support in your old age.

Career and Money

If you are an employee, then your optimism will help you successfully cope with many details. Especially you will be able to compile or convert the old material and present it as new. As long as you believe that your work benefits, you are trying very hard. The love of riches and honor is not alien to you, and to some extent you will achieve it. You have excellent ability to negotiate and deal with social movements, as well as a tendency to secret or inconspicuous work, such as a detective, a researcher or, for example, a cloakroom attendant. Although you passionately desire to "bathe in the rays of the ramp," you are better suited for auxiliary roles. After thirty-five years of age, your unstable professional status will become more stable.

Health and Immunity

If you want to have good health, you should avoid overeating and emotional overload. This combination of signs also suggests the presence of diseases of the breast and stomach, rheumatism, sciatica and dental problems, since you are famous for sweetening. Be careful on high ground, as there is a possibility of falls. Rest and good food will help you to stay healthy.

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